Master Builders and the Geodesic Markers


Crystal-Skull Keeper - art by Maia Crystal-Skull Keeper – art by Maia

Kaylasa Jaguarstar – Her Reflections

While on the Red Queen Journey, I had access to an old Mayan text. They gave me a copy, and today I found something really interesting: that according to Mayan legends, their prophet, the Feathered Serpent (Thoth’s reincarnation) traveled to the “snowy mountains in the East” to bring light to the “other keepers of crystal skulls”. I was amazed to access a website with Tibetan teachings where the same legend is actually included, that Tibetan lamas talk of a king that spread Buddhism across their land and founded the political and spiritual system they held for 2000 years, but before that, it was a prophet “from the Maya-Naga people of the stars”, a wise man with the “sign of the Serpent” that brought light to the Himalayas and prepared them for the spiritual path that their king would bring…

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