Gamma Rays from Orion


I preface this article with information collected by Rab Wilkie. Following this will be my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa’s comments on it.

A gamma-ray burst on Aug 1 (2015) came from (behind?) the Orion Nebula.
(UT 22:41:48 — 5:42pm CDT; 22:00 Gemini, -28:38; at zenith near Brazil & Equator, mid Atlantic).

GRBs occur about once or twice a week, but from any point in the celestial sphere. They are very rare coming from any particular direction, such as the Orion Nebula. A few GRBs occur about every million years per galaxy. (See below). This one, the most recent, probably came from a distant galaxy behind the Orion Nebula. GRBs don’t seem to happen in stellar nurseries. The Orion Nebula is within our own galaxy, the star womb nearest to us, and likely similar to the one which birthed our (physical) Sun & planets about 5 billion years ago — from a nebula much older than the…

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