Templa Mar Matrix

ThothHorRa (of which Anubis is an aspect)
ThothHorRa (of which Anubis is an aspect). The Kyoptos under Anubis are the guardians of Templa Mar.

Before the Pyramidis Radius there was the Templa Mar, which was revealed to me in the early 1990’s. Thoth assures me it is still quite active. Understand that the PRM is the Big One – forming and including all the others on the planet.

Templa Mar is probably the most primary of all sub-matrices now within the PRM. The Templa Mar Matrix was integrated into this reality zone in 1993. It was at that time referred to by Thoth as both a “grid” and a “matrix”. Yet the TMM (Templa Mar Matrix) is not a confining pattern. It is as infinite as all creation and subject to the transforming spiritual patterns of the cosmic soul. It was created in synergy by ultra-beings and humans as a membrane of networking among the many electromagnetic zones of earth in various time-space-dimensions.

So why do we need both the TMM and the PRM, as they both seem to give us portals to the New Earth?

The Templa Mar was designed to integrate personally with human beings on that wave-length (through the “Tribelight” frequency). It is in a way a prep platform for awakening and stimulating through color, sound and symbols…much like living 3D Crop Circles. It is also more than that.  It “mends” certain time lines that have been warped by the Kali Rift.


The Templa Mar is a specific inner-planes matrix which was programmed to enter the earth’s linear time-line in 1993, from a distant point in the future ‘New Earth Star,’ or ascended reality. This inner planes matrix is to be differentiated from an ‘earth grid,’ in that, while it interacts with the current-time earth and has geo-physical points upon which it is anchored, it’s true location is in future dimension of this planet’s reality. Furthermore, the Templa Mar spans various associated universal reality systems.The Templa Mar’s place of true anchoring is located in the future city of Korbola, which finds its point of cohesion geophysically on the current earth in the area of Masada, near the Dead Sea in Israel. Masada holds Light codes within the matter of the current earth, which form a template for the future-time city of Korbola. Thus, they share the same etheric space, but in different time fields.

The Templa Mar also contains a sub-reality of its own, which human spiritual initiates may enter in order to re-access specific Light programs encoded within their Light bodies and DNA. These Light programs are also held within the greater past-present-future continuum awaiting our ‘return.’ Once reactivated, these programs of Light will allow the souls who have accessed them to rejoin the universal family of the Adam Kadmon, which is also known as the ‘Uni-manity League.’

The Templa Mar serves as a tool to help humanity prepare for the full impact of ascension energetics, and to bring about coherency between the various human energy bodies. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Ascension energetics will be most powerful and blissful to those who are adequately prepared, but could be quite difficult if much disharmony remains among the various human energy bodies. It is the Hierarchy’s wish that humanity be given a full measure of divine Grace for this preparation, and the Templa Mar is one way that is being administered.

As part of this Grace factor, humanity’s link with the RANNA Time Wave will also be healed to the next level through the activity of the Templa Mar dynamic, in conjunction with certain elemental beings. A portion of our beingness has become separated from the RANNA Time Wave–the time component of our true origins–through the formation of the Kali Rift. The Templa Mar serves to balance the interaction between earth-incarnate souls and other highly evolved elemental beings, i.e. cetaceans and unicorns. These specific elemental beings operate more freely in other dimensions, alternate realities and time zones, and have a greater portion of their beingness still within the RANNA. This greater balance effected by the Templa Mar lessens the time-fracture distortions that are currently present in our interactions with these elemental beings, and that limit our ability to truly commune with them. These elemental beings represent an aspect of humanity which has not been fully separated from the RANNA Time Wave by the Kali Rift. Thus, through a more balanced interaction with them, we can reclaim that which is our true heritage. Elemental beings such as dolphins, whales and unicorns are able to holographically receive the signal-breath which is emanating from the Templa Mar future-consciousness translations much more fully than are humans. This is because of their holographic brain-wave functioning, which allows a higher degree of resonance with this future-consciousness signal than is currently possible for incarnate humanity. These elemental beings take this signal-breath and incorporate it into their own reality spectrum, which is part of the elemental planetary mind, thus helping to ‘seed’ it for humanity to access within its own elemental aspects. This elemental aspect of humanity is the cellular consciousness. Therefore, the dolphins, whales, unicorns and other highly evolved elemental beings are able to hologram this future consciousness into the cellular aspect of humanity. They do this in a way which transcends the need to progressively evolve the human mind in order to reprogram the DNA so that the cells may operate within their full hologram once again. (previous info)



The following is a visionary experience I had  with my “Star of Isis” group 
and subsequently wrote about in the 1990’s. Reading it now in 2016 I find it a precursor to the coming of the whole Osiris Arising Project, begun in 2015.


Entered the Korbolan TEMPLE OF THE EMERALD MAR. We began standing in front of the fresco of the Ibis-headed Thoth extending a scroll of the Muses, who unravel it to re-spin , where it becomes the karmic history of humankind on Earth.

From this point we go through a door with an Egyptian winged disc over it, entering through several dimensions, and exiting into the First Eden (of the Shepherds or Solarians). This is the LAND OF THE CHILDREN OF THE SUN, the “Land of Kadmon”. We see before us a beauteous greening tree in the midst of a verdant field. This is the Tree of Life. Golden spheres or apples drop from the Tree at our feet. A Red Tailed Hawk, sitting atop the Tree spirals down around it until he reaches the ground and brings to each of us a Golden Apple. We drink from these apple-spheres, and the nectar is the first molecule of life, blue green algae. This seems to bring us into a resonance with all Being within the First Eden. After a few moments of this, we enter into the Sea…. (which contains the First Eden). We are surrounded by several cobalt blue dolphins with slightly protruding foreheads; obviously far advanced from our present species of dolphin. We all experienced a great deal with these creatures. All felt tremendous love and acceptance from them, and a Tribal connection. I felt that they were actually related to us. Dolphin and Man had merged in this form.

After awhile they escorted us to a large transparent bubble-like sphere of huge proportions, containing an entire underwater city. This sphere was not on the bottom of the ocean, but floating, so the great city was like a sparkling jewel of a single celled creature sailing in a microbe sea. We entered the city and were met by shining beings of great light. All we could see were their human-like outlines and brilliant eyes. They informed us that they were from the constellation Vega. One of them presented me with what appeared to be a lambskin containing within it a book-scroll. This book-scroll resembled those from which Rabbi’s read, like the Koran and Torah. I was quite surprised to be handed such an historically familiar object by a shining ultraterrestrial from Vega living in a transparent sphere in the ocean of the 3ML Earth!! Apparently because of my register of wonderment, the being telepathically spoke to me saying, “Don’t you see me revealed?” And then I was standing before a priest in the Temple of Solomon, and he was handing me the lambskin book. I knew it was the BOOK OF KADMON.

We were given by the Shining Ones, small flutes or pipes. As we played these, we were again transported through dimension and time to a cave in Australia. I did not know the time frame then….The mouth of the cave, where we entered was a yawning red sandstone. It was very large. As we walked deeper and deeper into the cave we were told that we were being ‘received by the Mother’, Robert Sneed (new member) was wearing a Kelly green robe with a multi-colored band about his forehead and a golden scarab pendant around his nick. He walked just a little ahead of the rest of us with a flaming torch. I noticed that Shina was on my right, and she wore a sacred Uraeus (serpent) headband and was carrying a Staff. We walked in shallow water for awhile, and then came to a chamber with a great stone blocking it. It reminded me of the Tomb of Christ. Shina stepped forward and pointed her Staff at the stone. It rolled away. Within was a stone altar in a small room, gently lighted by an unknown source. ON top of the altar was positioned a large golden quartz crystal skull. I was told later by Thoth that it was the “Dweller” skull of Adam Kadmon. All the time we had been inside the cave, I had been carrying the Book of Kadmon. Now, I reached into the front piece of the altar and an obsidian slab came out (like an oven tray). I placed the book-scroll upon it and slid the slab back inside the altar. At that point, a holograph of the Being of the Skull appeared, but I do not have a Kachina have returned”. (note: this is a typo problem when the issue was transcribed and I cannot get to an original hard copy to correct it. But of course the word “Kachina” used here pricks my ears up, given the Osiris Star Fire Kachina Dancer)

Many wolves then gathered around the Shaman, and spinning swastikas came out of the Earth from the Heart Star, each flying off in a different direction.

THOTH informed me that one of the highest level of “Kachinas” was the Shoalomite, and that this ‘Landing’ was the first event of their return. Now, he declared, the secret prophecies of the Hopi could be fulfilled. The holographic margining of the 1st ML star field with the current, 2nd ML filed, produced a ‘worm hole’ for entry of the Heart Star.

All “Kachinas” are Devic-Angelic that is ‘Hybrids’ of those two realms. They range form the Creator Elohim and Shoalomite to the Greater Tribes of the Sidhe, the High Fairies. Thus, the Shoalomite greatly resemble the angelic Sidhe, those of divine elemental Fire, some of crystallic bodies, who have resided within the dimensional folds of this planet long before the Star/human genetics of the Tuatha De Danann mixed with the Lesser Tribes of the Sidhe.

The “Daione Sidhe” are a Tribe of the Greater Sidhe who have the ability to merge at certain points in time with the human race, without genetic bonding, and thus genetic mutation. The Lesser Sidhe, are nevertheless impressive, but they have, through the “Danann”, genetically mutated. So therefore, some of the Lessers, like human beings, are of various shades and dispositions, although there are a number of very spiritual Tribes, closely connected to our “Dreamtime” natures.


As caretakers of the Earth, we must learn how to work with her instead of against her. Our teachers will be the ‘Daione Sidhe’ (pronounced in Celtic, ‘Theena Shee’). These beings are regents and representatives of the nature realms. As told by Arthurian legend… perhaps best symbolized by the Lady of the Lake, who took Excalibur into safekeeping for a time… the Daione Sidhe withdrew from the human world until we were ready to listen. They are more than legend for they do exist. Now, they are preparing to return and reconnect. With them return the myriad of nature spirits of the Devic realms. These are the Lords and Ladies of earth, air, water and fire elements. Yes, they will manifest physically, born of human parents, but with a distinctive look and energetic about them. They may be recognized by their slightly different coloring, and their ability to see the nature realms with depth and understanding. The Daione Sidhe will be able to teach man how to heal and revitalize the planet. Who better then a Fire Lord to help us neutralize nuclear waste, or an Air Lord to show us how to replenish the ozone layer?


References: About Templa Mar on Spirit Mythos / Korbola, The City Out Of Time


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