Omicron at Angkor Wat


12873492_10207450678282495_842365296_oOMICRON, one of the Star Gate Triad Crystal Skulls Thoth chose to go on a journey with Sun Tzu Wong, seen here at Angkor Wat.

In my article on the Star Lords, Crystal Skulls & The Reparation, I write about the importance of Angkor Wat in the Osiris Arising focus of this website-blog.

Thoth did not give Sun some big mission to accomplish with Omicron at Angkor Wat. As with most of the processes within the Osiris Arising Project, all unfolds within the being / beings involved. It is a direct inner connection that guides.

We see however, in choosing a Stargate skull to accompany Sun, and not a Dweller…that there is a resultant stellar interaction going on between the Crystal Skull and the Earth-Cosmic location of Angkor Wat.

My Thothic insights have informed me that at the time Omicron and Sun are at Angkor Wat, there is…

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