Raramura – Isle of the Mother Sun



Early this morning, August 4th, 2016, I had a dream I can barely remember…but I knew it was “real.” It was about an island being formed NOW on some earth dimension. Night before last, I had another “real” dream, filled with information I cannot remember at all – only the feeling of having the dream. I know these dreams are connected.

So at the moment I write this, I am moving into the Thoth Akasha to retrieve the information that was in these dreams, beginning with the last one about the island.

First this is what I do remember from the dream…

There were Beings of Light I could not see, creating an island on the surface of the Earth. It seemed to be that they were applying the same “technology” used to create crop circles. First, they were place down an energetic mapping of all the nodes of the island. These “nodes” are like micro portals, feeding information into the foundation of the island. They moved it like waves – each waves applying sort of a gel-like liquid atop the previous wave.

What I am seeing now…

This gel-liquid is composed of hyper-itons that have one of their components oppositely charged, so that the iton goes into a continuous collapse. Since the iton operates in hyper-time, the collapse is never completed. (I am skipping tons of science here). There are regular ITONS and then there are HYPER-ITONS, the latter I have not heard of before.

About this island….

Thoth is calling it RARAMURA – Island of the Mother Sun. It is not ancient, it is new…being created now (as closely as we can reconcile with the meaning of “now.” Yet it holds the codes of MU, the most ancient of her expressions of the Motherland. Beyond this, it is created from the liquid light of the MOTHER SUN, Mazuriel, thresholding the Attasic Universe – our Mother Universe, now accessible to us through the Starstreaming of May 29th, 2016.

The purpose of this island? When I go into this, I feel almost overwhelmed! The question takes me to the first dream. I see now, that there were beings in it…from among the “new visitors” having come through the Starstreamed opened on May 29th. Yet they are our Kindred…from the same universal gene pool.  They are the builders and guardians of this Mother Sun Island, under the authorship of the Solar Hierarchy (using this term to apply to all star-sun frequencies streaming out Earth.)

This “island” it the first “land” of our New Earth Star. It is the port, so to speak. It is also where we will find ourselves moving through Dreamtime experience in order to restore connection to the Vibratory Light we shut away when we cut ourselves off from Earth’s Inscription of Light.

Where is this island? Can we see it physically?

This land formation skims the surface of our conscious perception, like a cloud or mist. Some may glimpse it physically, like a phantom upon the horizon or just above the horizon, like in the sky, but it is actually upon the ocean. One cannot run into it by ship, as it has a magnetically curve around it, warping space-time…like the Bermuda Triangle, but it is controlled and not dangerous, like the rogue Triangle.

The location on our planet is near Rapa Nui (Easter Island) in the Pacific Ocean.

I am shown that there is a strong connection between Rapa Nui and the Isle of the Mother Sun, and that the new isle is forming atop portions of Rapa Nui now under the sea (it was once a much large land mass).

In 1991 I wrote an article about Rapa Nui, which I mostly reprinted in this 2006 article. When I re-read it in it’s entirety, I now see why the Isle of the Mother Sun is indeed atop Rapa Nui.

From my 1991 article about the statues of Rapa Nui (the moai)…

The stone figures of Rapa Nui were created for the purpose of ourambalos. This is the infusion of stone with the properties of Presence. ‘Presence’ in this sense is the essence of life (not life itself) being imparted into an inanimate object, either to animate it in a limited way or for other ‘magical’ work. The stone giants of Rapa Nui were endowed by the Zumir with animation and the ability to radiate transformation, healing, projection and protection.

Now, I know these statues hold open the nodes open there for receipt of various timelines and portal insertions…and now for the event of the formation of it’s Mother Land, Raramura!

It is serendipitous that just this morning I received a link from a friend to an article written by Aluna Joy, entitled Living Stones of the Maya, written in 2006. In this article, she writes about souls entering stones. While that is not exactly what occurred with the Rapa Nui statues, it is similar. Now Thoth Intelligence is revealing to me that at times, the moai, are inhabited by soul entities. They will be more often now, when the Isle of the Mother Sun is completed…for the purpose of radiating that LIGHT into our 3D reality.

my 1991 article…

One of the most interesting revelations in Mysteries of Easter Island is the circular “watch” created by the monoliths as they scan the horizion. Maziere has in his book a circular diagram of how the statues are positioned to look out from the island with a combined 360 degree view. When he asked the natives if perhaps, like Stonehenge, the positioning of the statues formed some kind of star chart, they responded with an emphatic ‘no’. They told him that the Rano-Raraku moai (giant statues):

“look at a part of the world over which he has power and for which he is answerable; that is why this land was called the Navel of the World.”

It was futher explained to Maziere that the moai looking toward the south are different from the rest. They are workers of the Arctic winds, sending their powers to a large red rock that demarks the lower end of the triangle of the Pacific Isles.

I am seeing that the South-viewing moai are looking toward the Isle of the Sun!

When will the island be completed? It will be in place by August 13th, 2016…when the Queen of the Sun unites with the King of the Sun. While this “King” and “Queen” are crystalline wave forms and not soul entities, these wave forms WILL inhabit the moai statues of Rapi Nui as the point of radiance filling the planet.

Many of you reading this will then begin to journey there in Dreamtime to experience the New Earth Star dimensions of consciousness, and help to refine and strengthen the Pyramidis Radius Matrix of Earth. Actually, since it is all out of time, you may not have to wait that long.


Rapa Nui Gallery


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