Shift to World System II




I suddenly had the urge to open THE KEYS OF ENOCH, by J.J. Hurtak, which I have never read from cover-to-cover, only opening and reading no more than a paragraph to a page or two when guided.I OPENED THE BOOK JUST NOW AND READ what I had never before read (excerpting)…


AND WHEN HE OPENED THE 7TH SCROLL…..I saw the solar system leave the magnetic dip anf be displaced from its alignment with what man calls the North Star. This occurred as it entered an electromagnetic vacuum.

And I saw how the solar system was given a new circumpolarity with a new North Star. Thus, the Father’s will prevailed and the solar system was taken beyond the spontaneous collisions of particles and placed on a “True Latitude” attuned to His Cosmic Will.

And a new scroll was given to the Earth so that it could go into a new heavens where a new mantle was given unto the Earth, and a new specie clothed in a body of Light.


So obviously to me, this is about what Thoth calls “Light-Principle Forty” which takes us from a World System I state into World System II and the New Earth Star.

The new specie clothed in a body of Light is the Pure Gem Body.

The Stages of Earth Ascension (Transfer) as given by Thoth Intelligence to me circa 2000.


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