The image above is the “Herkulis” Matrix set in my home, with a Shungite pyramid in the center, surrounded by Andara and a crystal skull.


Before we begin from Thoth, the following is from the Cosmic Reality website:

Shungite is a mineral with the same basic CHEMICAL composition as coal. Shungite however is constructed with a very large molecule nicknamed the Bucky Ball or a Fullerene.  So unlike coal, Shungite does not burn,  is not effected by pressure and is of a greater hardness

There is only one Shungite source in the world. It is the Zazhoginsky Shungite deposits in the western Republic of Karelia, near the eastern border of Finland. However, fullerenes are found in small amounts in two gold mines (Russia and Canada), a meteor strike in Canada, a lightning strike that made fullerenes in the melted rock it hit in Colorado and in outer space.

Cosmic Reality is a wealth of Shungite information (see their radio show archives) and the only source for authentic Shungite that I trust. Many sources advertising Shungite on the web are really only a small percentage of actual Shungite. Of course some are authenic. You need to do your research and ask questions of the seller if you are not sure.

(Maia’s note: fullerines = C60 molecules – read Thoth’s info on this)


THOTH: Around 2 billion ago, the Earth was struck by a cosmic ray coming from a large burst of energy discharged from the center of this galaxy. It was sent forth in a specific narrow wave-form which enveloped only the star-suns and planets in its path. Jupiter, Mars and Earth were in this path, as well as the Sun itself. The other planets in this system received a secondary effect from it, when it hit the Sun, but it was Earth, Mars and Jupiter that received the greater discharge directly from the galactic center.

With Earth, a large concentration of this charge entered the planet at the point of Zazhoginsky, Russia. At that time, there had already been a meteor strike. This wave of dark-matter enriched LIGHT coming from the galaxy’s inter-dimensional Black Hole was attracted to the properties of the meteor fragments in the Earth at that location. When the two merged, Shungite was created. However, to become what it is today, took over a 100 thousand years.

There is also a form of Shungite within the interior hollow world of the Earth. It was drawn through the Northern magnetic opening, mingling with a natural deposit of that realm, having similar properties as the meteor on the surface, which received the cosmic ray.

We shall call this Inner Earth Shungite, Alta-Shungite, as it enter the vein of meteor-like deposit in the Interior at Alta Mur . (name of region). Alta Shungite differs somewhat from the surface form. It is more saturated with the cosmic ray charge, due to the denser electro-magnetic field of the Interior.

Now, with the creation of the Shungite field on the surface of the planet (so many people working with Shungite and further activating it), This Shungite Terra Field is connecting to the Interior Shungite Field, which is already formed and vast, since the Alta-Shungite is not just in one locale, but entered Alta Mur’s vein that travels around the entire Inner Domain. The strong electo-magnetic field of the Interior, which creates the slightly removed (from the surface earth) dimension, has not allow the benefits of the Alta-Shungite to effect the surface earth…until now. The growing surface earth Shungite Terra Field is causing the two fields: Inner and Outer, to be drawn into Communion.

This new relationship will greatly aid Gaia in re-claiming her sovereignty from the growing created Artificial Intelligence attempting to control Earth and all living things upon it.

QUESTION: This “cosmic ray” from the central Black Hole of the galaxy…you called it “wave of dark-matter enriched LIGHT.” Will you please explain what this is?

THOTH: What Earth scientists call “Dark Matter” is in actuality, the Mother Matrix of all “matter.” It is beyond the pale of what humans can perceive. It is “CORE-LIGHT-BONDED-ATOMS” or CLBA. I have given you this term to better understand its properties. So “dark” matter is not dark at all. It is core-structured to emit Creational Light. The use of the word “core” infers that the atomic bonding is registered in the CORE. This is a dynamic created by atomic dissipation, as the atom moves to the center of its Source point…quantumizing and bonding within the field of its dimensional slide into the Sacred Nothing or “ii”. Thus, the “cosmic wave” coming from this galaxy’s black hole is enriched Light being discharge from the CLBA of its wave motion.

MAIA: In the 1970’s I Source Translated from the Akasha, a Lemurian Book entitled the Book of ii – The Sacred Nothing. I wrote it and I read it, but found it very difficult to understand. This “book” was very short. I still have it as a tattered manuscript.

QUESTION TO THOTH: Did all this just happen to take place? Seems like the perfect alchemical Light storm!

THOTH: Nothing just happens to take place. The is always an orchestrating design. The orchestrator is the ONE humanity calls “GOD.” There is also, the lesser orchestration from within the Archonic Cloud, but this is not ultimately separate from “God.” Only  when souls stir that Cloud and drink from it, do the Archonic forces become potently opposed to the ONE. There is much to this topic.

QUESTION: So how may humanity help the two Shungite fields to become One and thus through this means, aid Gaia in throwing off the shackles of the Archonic forces?

THOTH: BECOME the frequency that is in complete resonance with this field.  Attune and Commune with the intelligence of the Shungite. Keep the Shungite stones in your home, wear them, drink Shungite water, etc. BREATHE Shungite air (created by Shungite placed around your home and in your car).

Thoth especially recommends Shungite Pyramids placed around the home and also some of the unique Shungite devices created by Cosmic Reality’s Walt Silva.




Location of the Shungite Mine






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