The night and early morning hours of my coming 70th birthday (3/10/19), I was taken by Thoth (through remote viewing) into the Inner Earth. I found myself in the same complex of buildings and garden which I believe to have been the ones George Lawrence found himself, in 1974 (see my article on his dream).

I was with a group of Inner Earthers, who are a faction of the Noblis Terra Nata – guardians and operatives of the Pyramidis Radius Matrix and thus the new sub-system: the TZO Grid-Matrix. I was shown by them, a large chamber in which there was a ring-pathway on the floor, circling a central dome. The “dome” represented the Earth. The pathway contained arches spaced evenly around it. Each arch was made of alchemical gold and had symbols etched on them. It was demonstrated to me how a person walks through these archways, following the circular “orbit” of the path. Each of these arches creates an energetic alignment to a planet in our solar system. There are 11 arches. Our 8 other known planets and three more, which I was told by the Ultras many years ago, to exist. The EARTH is at the center of this design, which is circled by the “Path.”

It was related to me by those present (one of whom was George Lawrence in his Inner Earth incarnation), that this apparatus was able to connect the energy bodies of the individuals walking the path, to the full measure of their “planetary mantles.” Only however, once that person was prepared to receive it.



We all understand that we have an energy body…or rather “bodies,” As Thoth prefers to call it. Aura radiate out of these Bodies. Yet we also have what I will call here “light fibers” that are magnetically drawn outward from the energy bodies, extending about 18 to 25 inches from the physical body. These “fibers” are receiving signals from the stars…and most prominently, from our solar sun and the planets in orbit around it. Through these fiber optics, each planet of our solar system registers a sheath literally wrapped within the energy bodies. Thus, there are 11 of them (as our own planetary node is in our atoma core of the body). At least this is how it is intended to be. Yet, since we separated from our Doctrine of Signature, we have only pale phantoms of these mantles or sheaths. The Inner Earth Dwellers work to keep their mantles in tact through various ways. The strange, stargate-like path with arches I saw is one such way. It is called an INOMIC Stabilizer. Rather than go into detail about its operation, I wish to move on as much to share

What the Noblis Terra Nata (NTN) really wished to impart to me (and Thoth as well), is that they wished me to bring forth this information about the Planetary Mantles, and how WE of the surface world, may restore ours. First though, it is necessary to understand WHY restoration is important – what purpose the Planetary Mantles serve.

Many years ago, my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa shared with me that the Consciousness of both Earth and Venus came from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion and was inserted into this solar system. A long story, which I will not go into here. I do mention this, as it is also important to understand that while we are “adopted” into this solar system, along with our SiStar Venus, we are all now one family…at least until the SiStars return to their Homing Ground through the Ascension Dynamic.

Every human being is connected to the planets of this solar system through the radiations of our SUN and Earth Solar Atoma. Each of these planets brings to us a frequency which resonates throughout our energy bodies in patterns of ebb and flow. This of course, registers to a degree in our personal astrology. Yet it is much more than what we see in the astrology we current understand. With full-blown planetary mantles, we would be complete in our embodiment. We think we are incarnated, but actually we are kind of lopsided in our incarnation, it is not a balanced systemic flow, anchored correctly in the Pattern we seek to embody. This is due to our separation from the Grand Doctrine of Signature, and thus a loss of our individual Signatures.

Each planetary mantle we carry offers us the Divine Light Program of the Master Planetary Body, which imbues us with the Knowledge and Wisdom to live our incarnation to the fullest!


Poor little Pluto. It was UN-planeted by our scientists for awhile and then given BACK its title again. But no earth scientist can determine what makes a planet a planet. The difference between a fully-imbued planet and a conglomerate bundle of rocks orbiting a star is if that rock or gas planet contains at its sacred center, a Planetary Genius. Once it is “quickened” in this way, it become inhabited with a planetary SOUL.

Thus, from this higher perspective we have twelve ensouled planets orbiting our sun. All of them but ours may seem “dead” – especially the rocky bodies such as Mars, but they are far from it. We are viewing them and even treading upon them with our drones, from within our own reality stream and not theirs! Yet our energy bodies are interacting with their true forms, as they are with us. But without fully streaming planetary mantles, we are missing out on a large amount of that communion.



There is no quick-fix for this. The reason we are not fully connected is largely because we (as a human race) are disconnected from our Doctrine of Signature…meaning separation to a large extent from the Planetary Genius. So it is a whole train derailment we are looking at here. We can’t simply do a protocol to put all the cars back on the track and start up the engine again.

HOWEVER, we can employ the Quantum Field of Space-Time to jump to our full spectrum selves in increments, creating a living experience of future Selfness…where we ARE connected to all the above and ARE assuming our planetary mantles. Then we create a logic-point in our current reality stream and time body, anchoring the  Completeness there. Easy-Peasy! (pause for a belly laugh)

Seriously Though, it can be accomplished. It won’t mean we are all suddenly walking on water, but it will – in increments, giving us the nourishing experience of having our planetary mantles in tact and active.

I will be working on a protocol-activation to help you connect to this process; but be aware that it is ultimately YOUR journey! How may YOU engage the necessary quantum field and step through the Golden Arches to receive your full planetary mantles?


OF NOTE: Thoth resides in his Thoth Raismes form within the Inner Earth, having enlivened this former Tibetan-Atlantean-Egyptian body from his time on the surface Earth as Thoth, Raismes of Aphara. In the Interior Domain he is one of the Merkabah of the Host.

Understand that GAIA speaks through her Heart. Her Heart is the Holy of Holies within the Central Sun Atoma of our planet. When the Inner Earthers raise up their eyes it is her HEART they see in the Interior sky.

I first had my experiences in the Inner Earth and wrote about that Realm, in the beginning issues of THE SOURCE, which started in 1980. Now, I feel I am coming full-circle to focus there consciously once again.


Note: I have updated this article, as when I first wrote it I thought there were two unknown planets in our solar system, but in working with Thoth on this, it was revealed to me that there were three.




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