If you come to this post not familiar with the TZO Grid it is suggest to read about it first.

The Nadis Responders are also called “Dragon Eggs”.

While I DO believe in dragons and their eggs in other dimensions, the Nadis Eggs are not actual biological eggs. They are psionic devises received by me from Thoth Intelligence and crafted by our small SAGE Team here in Crestone, Colorado.

They are not a commercial venture, but solely for the purpose of what Thoth is calling geo-energetic similitudenal local response or GESLR.

“similitudenal” is not a word in the dictionary, but “similitude” is; meaning correspondence in kind or quality. 

The Nadis Responders are psionic: “The science of information and its effects upon timespace, as opposed to physics, which deals only with the effects of matter and energy.”
full definition here

The Nadis Responders are very simple devises that act as transmedium (“a psychic who is able to cross boundaries between the natural and supernatural worlds.”) geo-energetic responders to quantum signals from GAIA and all inter-faces of both natural and integrated frequencies (such as artificially created microwaves.)

Their purpose is to tap into the natural Nadis nodal pathways of the Earth and send the responding signals from these nodes into the very Heart of Gaia: the central sun atoma, housing the planetary genius.

Gaia Herself cannot in this Age, receive these signals directly, Humanity has so distorted the outer planetary field with its electro-jumble, it is like blasting rap music into Gaia’s sensitive ears.

However, the Dragon Eggs of Nadis cannot work alone. They must have a human, genetic bio-system that is actually the mainframe for the operation. The Nadis Responders are only the fine tuning. The human guardian of a Nadis Dragon Egg is the Mama (or Papa) Dragon!

Back to the purpose of these devises

They will allow GAIA to clean house of all disruptive electro-magnetic influences in Her Realm. She can get to the rooftop where her Wild Child children are having their loud and crazy Coming of Age party and cool things off before they take the whole building down.

Once GAIA can establish a dialogue with the vibrational chaos on Her surface…well magic can and will happen. The TZO-lectic grid, which was created by the Terra Noblis (Ultras and Inner Earth beings) is a platform for GAIA to have a stable field of operations for Project Clean Sweep.

However, none of this happens just because a hand full of people will be guardianing and working with the Nadis Dragon Eggs. It must happen in concert with many factors – most of which we do not have any knowledge.

What we do know from Thoth Intelligence, is that these few Nadis Responders need to be in certain locations, as they are localizing in the way they connect to the whole. Thus, the guardians of these psionic tools need to be living in those areas as well. The Eggs must be kept and tended within their homes.

We don’t need to place dozens of Nadis Responders all over the Earth. Just a few in specific places. By connecting to the Nadis nodes, they will then propagate their geo-energetic similitudenal local response, this with the aid of the TZO Grid and those who are working with the TZO Protocol.

Taking the Nadis Dragon Eggs into the Virtual World

I have been doing spiritual work in the virtual world of Second Life since 2008. My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa has continued to encourage and guide me in this virtual experience.

In my article (on my Light and Beauty in Second Life site) Understanding SL as an Environment for New Earth Awareness I write:

I wish to impart to you the power of this virtual world for spiritual communion, healing and life-giving. Science shows that those active in the Virtual while electrodes are attached to the brain, are firing the same synapses they would if they were physically doing these things.

I recognized aspects of this virtual world as being a first level stage in creating a “New Earth” experience for the individual and thus groups of individuals. This was further confirmed to me by my inner-planes mentor of many years, Thoth.


They are only little pixel “eggs.” However, everything in our world is composed of light pixels. The “real” Nadis Responders are a composite of pixels as well. The Virtual Eggs don’t have anything inside them as do their counterparts, but they carry the encoding of the First World versions. They do this through my (and Thoth’s and his merkabah Chariot of the Sun) intentions. We have assigned to the Virtual Eggs, the etheric properties of the original version. As Thoth often says AND SO IT IS!

On April 24th, 2019 I will hold a gathering in Second Life with people from the various spiritual communities there, to discuss the TZO Earth Re-genesis Protocol and Grid. To those who wish to join us in this endeavor, I will give them a Virtual Nadis Egg. They can duplicate it and place in on their sims (simulated lands) in Second Life. With intention to anchor the devises, I am encouraged to believe by Thoth, they will prosper for their intended purpose.

SL participants will also be given access to my sim areas where the TZO and GAIA Signature is installed. They can do inner work there and spread it throughout the etheric Realms of GAIA. Within the etheric we can move very physical mountains!

The Shungite Field

The Shungite Field around the planet has been created from not only the only source of Shungite – in Karelia, Russia, but by all the stones from that mine which have migrated into the hands of many souls around the world. This Field or “Weave” as Nancy Hopkins of Cosmic Reality calls it, is a powerful medium for balancing the electro-frequencies of the planet. It works in concert with the TZO Grid. There is a Shungite pyramid inside each Nadis Responder. To read more about this cosmic stone, go to the Shungite Gateway page: The Miracle of Shungite on my New Earth Energetics site.

GAIA as a Dragon Mother

I saw Her in her Dragon form: an iridescent white with blue eyes and a crest on her head that seemed to be made of blue crystal. She told me that when She appears in her Dragon body, so she is in the mode of New Birthing!



Gallery 1 – Geometrics & Altars in my Home (working with the Grids & TZO Protocol)


Gallery 2 – TZO Grid & Nadis Dragon Eggs in Virtual World of Second Life


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