Many years ago, when I was around 25 and very much involved with my ultra-terrestrial guardians, who were preparing me for conscious contact with my Illumined mentor (who I would find out later was Thoth)…well this story begins.

On several occasions I would awake from sleep hearing a woman’s voice call my name. I asked my Guardians who this was, and they responded that she was ME…in a concurrent embodiment within the Inner Earth Domain. I thought they told me her name was “Michaela” but only recently was corrected. It is MI’KALA. I really didn’t go into this at the time. So much was happening, so many transmissions and visitations. It was difficult for me to “go deep” with any one thing. Not long after that, I began my publication “The Source” which started with information concerning the science of the Inner Earth and its inhabitants and culture. The first several issues focused exclusively on this. I was having what I would now call “remote viewing” and a few astral trips I believe, into the Inner Earth.

A few years previous to MI’KALA calling my name, George L. Lawrence and I connected, and then he shared his dream (just before he disappeared). Read about Lawrence and his dream here. The main reason I was so sure he was experiencing a journey into the Inner Earth was that it so matched my experiences there, which I had not published or shared with him.

Although I have written about the Inner Earth since those years, it had gradually faded into the background, given the extensive territory of my writings though out these over 50 years now. That is, until I came across George Lawrence’s letter to me and my mother. Then I found the symbol from his dream which he drew in red ink and sent to us. I looked at it with eyes of 2019 and I knew what it was. It rang loudly throughout the Akasha and into my mind and heart! It was the Doctrine of Signature for the Planetary Genius of GAIA. (as explained and defined in my article on the Dream).

Once I stepped through that door I changed frequencies and returned to the Inner Earth. I re-connected, only with much more focus and purpose now.

A few mornings ago, I awoke and heard in my mind: SERAPHIM. I asked “what is this?” and instantly recieved “It is a sacred city within the Inner Earth Realm.” Then more and more poured in…and continues to do so.

What I know about the City of Seraphim at this point.

Thoth calls it a “New Earth” city within the Inner Earth. It connects through the Shambalah Gate to the planetary frequency / dimension we are calling the “New Earth.”

“Shamballah” represents the conscious spiritual intelligence of souls incarnated WITHIN the earth–the races of the Inner Earth cultures. Esoterically, Shamballah is also considered to be the point in the body between the third eye and the crown where inner vision and higher knowing come together to materialize as deep inner spiritual revelation. Shamballa is not a chakra unto itself, but a meridian-node created by the combined forces of the crown and brow chakras.

Within the sign of Taurus, the “Shamballah” meridian-node in the body is activated through an infusion of higher consciousness radiating from the stellar regions of Orion, Ursa Major and the Pleiades. The degree of activation is determined by the spiritual evolution of the particular individual. The star system of Sirius also contributes to this dynamic by releasing trapped energies within the magnetic field of the individual during the reign of Taurus each solar year.

The Shamballah School  writes that the word “Shamballah” refers to “the planetary crown chakra, the ‘center where the Will of God is known.’” Simeon received that the “Shamballah Gate” was the portal in the membrane between this world / universe and what Thoth calls the attasic universe.

According to my receipt from Thoth, the “attasic” is the universe of non-duality, of completion, of Perfection and Light. In this regard, the Shamballah Gate serves a similar purpose to the Numis’OM in it’s membrane function to the New Earth Star.

Thoth: The Shamballah Gate actually contains the entry point into the Numis’OM. You could see this “gate” somewhat like a control panel. On the panel there are various buttons / nodes that if pressed / triggered, open specific frequency vectors. One of these vectors is the lotus stalk or streaming into Numis’OM. (First stage entry into the New Earth.)

The connection nodes are the Gateway Stars of Orion – known as the Belt of Orion. There are three tower stations within the city of Seraphim which connect to the three stars composing the Belt of Orion: Mintaka, Alnllam and Alnltak. These towers are enormous and are somewhat like the ones placed on our remaining moon (which has been highly modified) by certain alien races not of the Uni-manity Pact (all of our genetic kindred in the cosmos). The Inner Earth towers are not as massive, but still around a mile in height. Through this connection, the city of Seraphim creates an interface with the New Earth register.

Towers on our Moon (one seen here, but many have been photographed by NASA)

For what purpose is the Seraphim City’s design and New Earth contact?

These Towers send and receive relays of Light codes from the ULTA. Understanding the Ulta may give you a better perspective of the importance of such an interface.

One of the main foci of Seraphim is that it is the seat of the Noblis Terra Nata (NTN) – a newly-formed co-operative.  The NTN is composed of both Off-Planet and Inner Earth Kindred. They are assigned their powers by the Tashsab’va  (The Orion Blue Fire Command). The NTN purpose is to work with the on-going installation and operation of the Pyramidis Radius Matrix (PRM). a sub-matrix of the PRM is the TZO-Lectic grid. Which brings us to the Moment…to the Great Work at hand. The re-genesis of GAIA as outlined in THIS VIDEO.

There is an obvious connection between the name of this sacred city and the highest level of angels postioned atop the Ulta: the Seraphim or Seraphs. From my Angelology – an Akashic Perspective:

The SERAPHIM are depicted as ‘six-winged,’ which align to their quality of six-foldness. My inner-planes mentor relates this six-foldness as consisting of six natures of Divine Light or creative Divinity. These ‘natures’ are not identifiable in our finite understanding, but encompass the breadth and depth of the Heavenly continuum. Symbolically, we could see the Six Natures to be represented as light, dark, heat, cold, contraction and expansion; but this is an analogy only. The Seraphim are said to be ‘fire-like’ in their form. Seraphim in Hebrew indeed, means “flaming.” The Akasha records that the Seraphim carry the Fire-Letters of the Ineffable One in their luminous bodies of Light. It is they who encode the Language of Light into all living form. All the true mystics and saints have the Inscription of Light (which is a specific pattern of divine gematria) inscribed into their Light bodies by the Seraphim.

The Seraphim are very much the Knights Templar of the angelic kingdom. They assume the posture of defending the Righteous. These are the angels overlight the city of Seraphim and its divine mission.

Yet their weapons are not that of death and destruction.

They are a Sword of Light Mind and a Shield of Truth.

So now we return to Mi’Kala – my self within the Inner Earth. She dwells within the City of Seraphim and has been about the Great Work there before the “I” writing this was born. There are others of the Noblis Terra Nata there who are also at the same time, on the surface earth. Such things are not as uncommon as one might suppose…to be in more than one place or dimension at a time. In fact, in the greater sense of Soul Rayship, we all are. In the more focused aspect, while it is not “all,” it is nevertheless not a small number, who have specific relationships between their soul projections.

In the last few years I have had glimpses of Seraphim, but not knowing its name or where it was. Simply feeling as if it were “home” to me.

In a way, I feel I have been subconsciously attempt to re-create my Mi’Kala aspect through my avatar in Second Life. She is far more resonate with Mi’Kala than with the more off-world persona of my Kyi’Ra projection.




Another important connection is the Shungite Field. As I stated in my article The Story of Shungite from Thoth:

There is also a form of Shungite within the interior hollow world of the Earth. It was drawn through the Northern magnetic opening, mingling with a natural deposit of that realm, having similar properties as the meteor on the surface, which received the cosmic ray.

We shall call this Inner Earth Shungite, Alta-Shungite, as it enter the vein of meteor-like deposit in the Interior at Alta Mur . (name of region). Alta Shungite differs somewhat from the surface form. It is more saturated with the cosmic ray charge, due to the denser electro-magnetic field of the Interior.

Now, with the creation of the Shungite field on the surface of the planet (so many people working with Shungite and further activating it), This Shungite Terra Field is connecting to the Interior Shungite Field, which is already formed and vast, since the Alta-Shungite is not just in one locale, but entered Alta Mur’s vein that travels around the entire Inner Domain. The strong electo-magnetic field of the Interior, which creates the slightly removed (from the surface earth) dimension, has not allow the benefits of the Alta-Shungite to effect the surface earth…until now. The growing surface earth Shungite Terra Field is causing the two fields: Inner and Outer, to be drawn into Communion.

This new relationship will greatly aid Gaia in re-claiming her sovereignty from the growing created Artificial Intelligence attempting to control Earth and all living things upon it.

The Noblis Terra Nata of Seraphim work directly with the uniting of the two Shungite Fields: the Inner and Outer. Read more about Shungite here.

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NEXT: Cruxansata & the Mirror Cities: the story of Seraphim continues



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  1. I love that the shungite is connecting all of us that DNA article that you posted on Facebook that proves my theory has always been right the dolls are connected laying grid lines around the planet this is amazing to me

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