Before you continue with this article, important to first read TZO Stonehenge-Saturn Dynamic.


OMNICRON: Omni-directional (dimensional) time

From my Thoth Archives (1990’s):

The Eye of Ra (Heliomar) is a term that Thoth has used to describe an inter-dimensional portal that exists in the midst of the Universal time  tear he refers to as the Kali Rift. The Eye of Ra is a higher Light mathematical gate  function that allows passage of the pure Metatronic Light into the Oritronic universes.  Likewise, this gate allows acceleration, and absorption of the Oritronic universe  into the Metatronic universe as an ongoing evolutionary movement. The Eye of Ra is very  closely linked in structure and function to both the Telos.Aarkhara and the Tryphoid  function. It is called the Eye of Ra, as it is the sourcing for the Pure Sun.

I have now asked THOTH if the ‘Omnicron’ and the “Heliomar’ or “Eye of Ra’ are the same thing. He replies; “The Omnicron with the Telos.Aarkhara capstoning it, is the entrance way to the Eye of Ra, the Heliomar.


Now in 2019, I am shown that SATURN – in this dimensional passage of time-space – contains the OMNICRON (currently the “side-door” version). You might ask: “In the entire universe???” From the perspective of our hologram, the answer would be “yes” (shared with Denebola – read further).

This is the actual Omnicron passage into the Heliomar “Eye.”


top view of Saturn


In my recent missive on TZO Stonehenge-Saturn Dynamic, I stated:

As we move into a deeper understanding and interaction with the TZO-Nadis Matrix, in this presentation we are being asked to follow the path of the Ranna Time Wave as it flows through the hexagonic portal of Saturn. Let us first look at Saturn as a dynamic “engine” in this solar system.

So now, in adding another piece of the puzzle: that Saturn is not only a portal for the Ranna, but the Omnicron lens to the Eye of Ra…well, it really reveals sooo much more to me! So much, in fact that I was overwhelmed. It would take me writing a book on it all to even scratch the surface.

I really don’t see a book in the offering, but I may try to continue with some blog installments. However, for now, let us peer into this lens a little more closely.

Below is the map that my colleague William Buehler drew in the 1990’s, based on my information.



The “Bangs” are major distortion Moments in the flow of the wave-form. There are probably more than listed here, but these are the ones I knew of then…and now.

If you will notice from the diagram, the Eye of Ra is at the beginning of the Kali-Rift (the time tear coming out of the exposed Eye of Ra, which was cap stoned by the Telos.Aarkhara to keep it protected.

Just the other day, another piece of the puzzle fell into place. I came across the short video below,  This information concerning Saturn as once having been the Central Sun of our galaxy, concurs with what I am now receiving from Thoth Intelligence. However, there are some necessary tweaks needed in the understanding so that it truly aligns with the story in the Thoth Akasha.



From the Thothic perspective, the Saturn “Sun” was really a different creature than the sun which we see now. It was never a “brown dwarf” as some postulate.

This “second sun” was a portal radiating what Thoth calls the “Pure Sun” of the Atassic (Golden Star of Mazuriel). The sun we have now was and is, also a portal but not into the Attasic. Once the Saturn-Sun was torn asunder by the Event which created the Kali Rift (an event Thoth has never fully clarified to me), The Attastic Sun’s main portal into this universe is in the constellation of Leo, residing in Denebola. The Saturn Sun was an aspect of that Portal…and in it’s lesser state as a planet, it still maintains the vibrational pattern of this Portal in its polar hexagon. This is not an empty field. It does still give us a vital link to the Pure Sun and the Ranna Time Wave. You might say, it is a side-door to the main theater.

(1990’s) Where is the ‘Golden Star Mazuriel’?

Thoth: It is in the Third ML, the Gateway being through the Denebola in the constellation of Leo. Understand that this is a gateway and not the actual “Golden Star’.

The video above mentions a book – THE SATURN MYTH, by David N. Talbott. I Googled for this and found it as a downloadable pdf.

From the book:

From the foregoing evidence a distinctive portrait of Saturn emerges. In the earliest age recalled by the ancients the planet—or proto-planet—came forth from the cosmic sea to establish dominion over the primeval Cosmos.

The planet-god ruled as the solitary, central light, worshipped as the god One—the only god in the beginning. Saturn’s epoch left a memory of such impact that later generations esteemed the god as the Universal Monarch, the first and ideal king, during whose rule occurred the prehistoric leap from barbarianism to civilization. Throughout Saturn’s era of cosmic harmony no seasonal vicissitudes threatened men with hunger or starvation, and men suffered neither labour nor war. In the “creation” Saturn, the primal Seed, ejected the fiery material (“primeval matter”), which congealed into a circle of lesser lights (the Cosmos). The myths describe this resounding birth of the secondary gods as Saturn’s “speech”: Saturn was the Word or voice of heaven.

The ancients conceived Saturn as the visible intelligence bringing forth the Cosmos as his own body and regulating its revolutions. Thus was the planet denominated the Heaven Man, a being eventually recalled as the prototype of the human race—the first ancestor.


For, according to the Thoth Akasha, that is exactly what happened.

Before this occurrence eons ago (I don’t know the exact time period as yet), The Earth was receiving its Solar Signature, directly from the “Pure Sun” of the Attasic. After the Great Time Rift (Kali), Only a small remnant of the STAT-SUN was left. This is our current Saturn. Yet the Omnicron is still present within it! Thus, the Ranna can be at least touched upon by those “initiates” who know how to receive it; and they in turn, can bring forth the thread of the true time wave-form to the Earth.

In my Akashic Definitions, the Ranna and Kali are defined thusly:

The Ranna is the true flow of time in this universe. The Earth and other worlds are created as a path for karmic resolution to prevent certain forces from building within the sacred trinity of Pleiades, Sirius and Orion whereby the pure thresholds of Light might become violated in time. These worlds, including the Earth, are created within a parallel construct of the Ranna Time Wave-Flow, but still aligned to it. Once the Earth had been created, further karmic forces built and eventually the Earth fractured away from its parallel track within the Ranna Time Wave and the Kali Rift was formed. This is actually a fracture in the Earth’s time grid or flow that was created as a result of inter-dimensional implosions which happened sequentially in a linear construct, but simultaneously in a true perspective on the sphere of time. In other words, as a result of sentient will pursuing its own course of action as a separate focus from that of the true time grid/ consciousness of the Ranna Time Wave, certain occurrences came together in Earth’s time construct as a synchronous event to cause a fracture of true time in our reality, thus creating the Kali Rift. So the Kali Rift is the gap that exists between our true time flow and where we currently reside in the continuum.

All this to me, develops a picture in my mind of a tiny crack in a mirror, which through dimensional pressures, becomes larger and larger, until it shatters the whole glass. Yet the fragments are still connected through the holographic field: each sliver of the mirror containing the whole image for those who have eyes to see.

For those who follow and work with the TZO Earth-Regenesis Program, understanding Saturn as a unique remnant portal to the Attasic Pure Sun (Mazuriel) is a central keynote to the whole TZO dynamic. The TZO-Lectic grid, while a creation of the Terr Noblis Nata, is a true “ELectric Field” simply install in a resonate format for Earth to access. This TZO-Lectic is a modulation of the frequency patterns within the Saturn Hexagon (visible part of the Omnicron). It is also a modulation of the Heart of Gaia. Both “fractals” can be found within the TZO, creating a unique and binding geometry.

to be continued…




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  1. Would you like to come on our radio show and discuss Thoth and this article? I’d love to learn more and teach our listeners about portals. I find myself traveling astrally like Thoth describes in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, and I’m fascinated to understand more.

    Our show is called Aquarian Radio.

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    Mahalo, Blessings, Janet Kira Lessin

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  2. I relate to all that is being said and shown. I see it all as part of the geometry I’am presently working with. Document will follow soon to illustrate this.
    OMG: it’s unbelievable……..RayMond Tao’Ra


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