In the early morning hours of May 22nd, 2019 I was awakened by a surge of energy – gentle, yet profound – coming from my solar plexus upward. When it reached my third eye, my sight was illuminated (eyes closed) and I saw through this Single Eye, a golden symbol-set. I have given it depiction below.


The “wheels” on each end were pulsing light, and spinning out of them were other symbols, more like flames. There was an “M” which spilled out as well, and then scrolled atop the symbol-set above until it disappeared.

I have attempted to give it some facsimile motion here…


The imaging in my third eye was the most real and vibrant of any third eye imaging I have ever experienced (to my recollection).

I later inquired of the Thoth Intelligence as to the meaning of this presentation. I received that it was the “fire…

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