The Blue Star Valley

Continuing my revelations about the sacred mirror cities of Orion / New Earth

Thoth brought me back to my knowledge concerning the Blue Star Valley in Tibet. I first learned from him about this Valley / temple-complex city around 1978. More was revealed in the 1980s. He now informs me that this Valley / City of Light is also on the chain of mirror cities connecting through Orion to the New Earth. The focus of the this hidden Tibetan valley is the Blue Star Rigel – the Earth’s Mother Star.


Re-printed here from my archival Spirit Mythos site.

As we approach the Wesak Festival of April 24th (2005) (which theosophists believe to be the birthday of Gautama Buddha), I return in memory to the experiences I had in 1987 in Dreamtime with the “Valley of the Blue Star” in the Himalayas of Tibet. I journeyed there in my sleep states periodically over a span of months. It was consequently revealed to me that this valley had two aspects to it. One was in this reality, whereas the other was in a slightly removed dimension. Yes, very ‘Shangri La’ in nature.

On this dimension, one would see a small, sheltered valley, green and verdant in the midst of giant snow-capped mountains. While technically in this dimensional realm, the valley is shielded from sight until one approaches it within a mile or two on land and even less distance by air. The shielding used is simply the mental energy of the monks who guardian the valley. (2019: not visible from satellite imagery) This, I was told, is not extraordinary and is accomplished for many sacred and hidden places on the planet. On another dimension, the Valley of the Blue Star is somewhat larger and even more dramatically greener by comparison to the frozen and forbidding mountains beyond it’s ‘manifest zone.’ It is to this second, larger valley that many souls are drawn astrally and in Dreamtime, to come together in sacred union and heart-celebration.

At the time I had my experiences in the Valley of the Blue Star, I believed it to be a place of reunion for only those souls who’s stellar origins were from the ‘Blue Star’ Rigel, in the constellation of Orion…other star groups gathering in other places. However, I now see an expanded picture, which shows me that while the ‘Rigel’ and other Orion souls do indeed gather there, it is not just for their own ‘reunion’, but as a place to join with other soul groups…visitors, if you will.

Although it is not the mysterious valley that theosophists write about that celebrates the Wesak, nonetheless souls gather in the ‘other dimension’ of the Blue Star Valley at that time of year, in order to infuse the earth with the Light codes of great celestial harmonies. This is accomplished by Blue Star souls and other soul lineages, coming together in the valley with Ascended and Illumined Inner Earth Masters, and bringing the heart-centered rhythms of the cosmos up through their astral and subtle energy bodies as a rising fountain of light, which is then dispersed into the planetary grid. It is at Wesak that all 12 of the Merkabah of the Host come together in this valley, along with other beings of Light.

Is there truly somewhere, on some dimension a Valley of the Blue Star? I don’t know…anymore than I know if anything I think, ‘receive’ or experience is ‘real’, for reality is a very subjective experience. I can only say that my experiences with this valley those years ago seemed very real to me; and there were several other people I knew then, that had some similar journeys…none of us knowing about the other’s experiences there until later on.

From my writings about the Valley of the Blue Star, to be found in issue 1 – 1987 of The Source, the following is a description of the valley in the ‘other dimension’:

In the Himalayas there are several hidden valleys in which the warmth of the sun is gathered by solar units of ancient means.  Other devices draw upon the thermal forces of volcanic activity beneath the surface of the planet.  These tools are employed to heat the geologic and atmospheric realms of these isolated domains, sequestered upon the crater floor of the long-dormant volcanoes.  It is one of these valleys this “SOURCE” issue addresses.  My sources refer to it as the “VALLEY OF THE BLUE STAR”.

I have taken several conscious (and no doubt many more unconscious) mental and astral journeys into this sacred valley.  I am told that it PHYSICALLY exists, and is guardianed by Tibetan monks, but that it is also inter-dimensionally viable, attracting many “Blue Star” Light Race souls who venture there in their mental and astral bodies.  The Valley is so bonded etherically as to also be able to support our genetically-linked ultra-terrestrial and inner-Earth beings.  In addition, there are both Egyptian and Tibetan priests and priestesses who have dwelt in the Valley and served in its temples for hundreds of years, as did their ancestors before them.  There are even a few “pure-blood”, Atlantean descendants among them.  Thus, we find in this most special vortex, a melting pot or meeting point in realities, where inter-dimensional, ultra-physicl, non-physical and astral beings may come together to share commonality of spiritual purpose and cosmic origin.  The guiding inner core of beings directing the functions of the Valley and its temples are “Blue Star Solarians”, discussed previously in this quarterly.  They are those souls who descended to this planet from the “Blue Star” Rigel in the constellation of Orion eons ago.  Yet, all Light Races from Orion, the Pleiades and the star-sun Sirius in Canis Major are part of this energy patterning, as well, for together they form the greater body of the Earth’s heritage as an originally Light-engendered sphere.  There are other stars and constellations who are permitted entrance into the Valley, whose spirit ancestry is distantly linked, but the predominant “ancestry” represented is from the Orion/Pleiades/Sirius Triad.

The purpose of the gathering of the “Tribes” in the Valley is to propagate a continuous flow of united origin consciousness, beaming out this inward message through “Tribelight” (see issues #1-82 & #3-83), into synergetic mind of all Triad Star-Seeds on and in the Earth.  The second stage to this plan is the gathering of these star-seeds through mental, astral and sometimes physical voyaging, into the vortex of the Valley – where the temporal divergence of these many different personalities is cast aside, and the true reflections of their Light forms and their cosmogenetic (aka cosmic para-genetic) heritage is made manifest.

It was only in 1986 that the radiant healing energies of the Temple complex in the Valley of the Blue Star was transmitted, through “Tribelight”, out into the populated world.  Those who share that commonality may tap this laminate source for physical, mental, and spiritual healing.  When I say “those who share that commonality”, I mean any among us who sense a belonging to the vibration and origin of the Valley.

I now wish to give you a visual picture of the Valley of the Blue Star.  On several of my first journeys into the Valley of both mental and astral sojourns, I was “flying” along a narrow pathway high in the snow-laden mountains.  As I sensed I was nearing the entrance to the Valley, I was told by my accompanying guide that I must first enter the “Way Station” – a modest Tibetan- style building. Once inside, it seemed as if I were somehow adjusted for a different or multi-frequency state.  I then was allowed to proceed through a doorway which opened in the side of a mountain.  It was very narrow, but once on the other side the beauty of the Valley was in my sight.  It was a verdant landscape somewhat surprisingly reminiscent of the California Wine country – rolling hills interspersed by flat acres of carefully landscaped grasses, trees, ponds, lakes and buildings.  There is a stream that rushes in terraced waterfalls from the side of one of the surrounding mountains.  Wherever the green blanket of foliage parts in the water’s dance with gravity, the stream ruffles a silver tail and glances a deep blue eye toward the sky, like a playful kitten among Pan’s children.

The temples on the floor of the Valley are constructed in patterns which, when viewed from above (on the mountain slopes or from the air) form consciousness-triggering geometrics.  By inter-linking the temples in this way, determined also by the type of energy progressed within each temple, an initiate entering a specific temple is joining himself to the entire complex via that one “chakra” or temple of the whole body.  His/her energy processing then, expands from that particular chamber outward to the whole.

The temples reflect in design Egyptian, Tibetan and South American Indian qualities, which is also typical of much inner Earth Tribal architecture.  These “temples” however, are not elaborate.  Like their inner-Earth counterparts they are quite simple in line, close to the ground, and flowing with the natural curving of the land.  They have a certain “ranch-style” look with what appears to be, or at least resembles, adobe composition.  There are many windows, courtyards, gardens and fountains.  Often a portion of the natural stream is diverted to small terraced waterfalls within the temples themselves, the residents and visitors in the Valley enjoy the company of many birds, a majority of which are most certainly not indigenous to Tibet.  There are parrots, cockatoos, redbirds (and of course “blue” birds).  Peacocks grace the grounds, along a myriad of small birds hidden in the trees.  I was in one chamber that contained an assortment of perches and birds of all types sitting patiently atop, as if awaiting a yet unspoken command.  There is obviously a purpose for such an abundance and variety of birds in the Valley.  There is much about the purposes of this haven I do not yet know.

After I had been going into the Valley for awhile, a female friend of mine who shares a “Blue Star” heritage with me, disclosed some information she had acquired concerning a valley in the Himalayas – one strikingly similar to the “Origin” Valley of the Blue Star.  She had read a book by a woman who had physically gone there in the 1920’s.  No mention had been made of the esoteric content of the valley, but only her prime interest, which were the rare blue Chow dogs.  A breeder of these unique canines, this woman had heard there was a valley in Tibet where she could find many of the rarest of the chows – the blue.  She was allowed through the Waystation and far enough into the Valley to see a “herd” of blue Chows on a green hillside!  Blue Chows are supposed to be sterile, but judging by their number, this fact did not hold true, at least not in this particular valley.

Chows, my friend, informed me have cat-like qualities (felines originated on the planets of the star-sun Rigel).  They all have feline-shaped feet and blue tongues. They are especially gentle, loving and intelligent.  If one has ever looked into the eyes of a Chow he/she is left with the compelling sense that he has gazed upon some devic master.  I questioned my source about the “Chow” connection and they confirmed that the blue Chow was the Devic guardian of the Valley of the Blue Star, having originally descended from one of the planets of Rigel.

To the Temple complex once again, there are two central “bonding points” – places where the bonding or rapport with the energy grid of the Valley is the strongest.  They are the Origin Flame in the Temple of Osiris and the Pool of Isis in the temple by that name.  The Origin Flame streaks blue like the jet of a powerful butane, emitted from what to me, resembles a golden Frisbee.  As amusing as this comparison may be, that is the closest description I can give as to the shape of the vessel.  However, its size is much larger, approximately 5 times that size, with the blue flame ejecting about 2 feet into the air.

The room is Spartan, with a large window or veranda leading into a garden from the left of the vessel.  When I see the Origin Flame, I am so entranced that I do not notice the details of the chamber.  The Pool of Isis is a simple sky-blue pool.  It appears as if the inside of the pool has been coated with a slightly luminescent light blue coloration.  It is opened to the sky, inset within a white marbled floor, Egyptian columns surrounding it.  The Origin Flame is, of course, the Solar/male polarity and the Pool of Isis is the Moon/female response.  When wishing bonding and entrance into the Valley, begin by using the Origin Flame and then the Pool of Isis as your meditation signals.

Those of you who feel drawn to bond with the Valley of Origin in the Orion/Pleiades/Sirius Triad, should find mental and possibly astral voyages there inspiring and enlightening – both personally and as a Light worker on a planetary scale.



Are there more of these mirror-cities connecting through the daisy chain from Orion / New Earth? I receive that there are. Possibly more to be revealed on this at a later time. I have been told, right after I moved back to Crestone, Colorado in 2017, the there was a direct portal between Crestone and the Blue Star Valley.

The featured image to this article is one I created  in 2005 to represent a scene of entry into the Blue Star Valley. Below are some image off the web that remind me of how this valley and surround it, appears.



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