Testament to the Morning Star

(re-printed from my archived “The Source” periodical – Issue 2 – 1980)

“Morning Star, thy sign is in our heaven.  It is thy mark upon the foreheads of the Lost Children who have not forgotten.  May we know thee in thy Place once again and forevermore until thy resolve has struck the close of time.” – excerpt from Testament to the Morning Star

* * * * * * *

The testament to the “Morning Star” is from the Sacred Text “Rasha,” which means “Light Dream.”  Dreams are held as sacred instruction by the Central Earth Tribes.  Their sleep is not plagued with the karmic densities and stress factors of everyday living as are their surface companions in space.  Thus they are freed in consciousness to receive Angelic direction through true “Spirit-Dreams,” with greater frequency and purity.  The Morning Star referred to in this testament is two-fold.  It appears to be a description of the Central Sun, but evolves into a recognition of the “Christ,” which to the Sky-Earth Tribes is a divine emanation of the Great Source permeating from the whole of the Earth and Centered in mind within the “Cosmorphia” or Nature Image of the Central Sun.

[2019 Note: “Temple of the Morning Star” is what Thoth Intelligence calls the etheric counterpart to the Temple of the Risen One: the Great Pyramid of Giza.]

Through the initiations of Serapis, Central Earth initiates are entreated to harmonize their body chakras (energy nodes) with the correlative chakral functions of the internal Earth.  The correlative nodes are as follows:

Body Chakras

Heart – Most Divine and closest to spiritual attunement.

Solar Plexus – Most powerful.

Forehead (Third Eye) – Greatest cosmic and far reaching.

Between Navel and Pelvis – Most in tune with body’s health.

Center of Palms – Most directive in channeling energies in outward projection as a healing beam (for others) or protective shield.

Center of Arches in Feet – Supply channel for the inward current of energies for body purification as a whole.

Throat – Greatest karmic knot.  Often excess energies and tension of both karmic and non-karmic origin build up here first.  Release can be achieved best through this chakra first.

Top of Head – Channel to other dimensions of self, where the chain in consciousness is linked.  Second God-based next to heart.

Base of Spine – Generative energies.

Earth Chakras (Major)

Heart – Central Sun

Solar Plexus – Atmosphere of Inner Earth

Forehead (Third Eye) – Core Magnetism

Between Navel and Pelvis – Inner Surface

Center of Palms – Northern Polar Vortex

Center of Arches in Feet – Southern Polar Vortex

Throat – The Great Natural Tunnels from Subterranea to the Surface Earth

Top of Head – Central Mountain of Subterranea

Base of Spine – Energies between poles (spinal current)

The Serapis (double) helix or dual spiral is the register of energies along the spine (dually functioning in both bio- and geo-systems, i.e. the spine of man and the spine of Earth, between the two poles.)  It is not merely the Kundalini force emitted from the base of the spine, but the sum of all chakra focus and balance in the body.  The initiates of Serapis are taught that the Kundalini is an effort of the body (man’s and earth’s) to override the retrograde of disorder; whereas the Serapis helix, or “Serapis-Atma,” is the maintenance of the balanced field of gravity.  In this light, Kundalini is “becoming,” while Serapis-Atma has “become”… distribution of mass is equal to distribution of energy, creating harmony.

In the initiation of Serapis, initiates visualize the Atma, the helix of protonic (blue) and electronic (red) spirals turning about the “silver cord,” the neutronic (silver-white) Spirit Life which is the reconciler of above with below (Hermetic principle).  They then visualize the electronic current carrying their body’s force toward the Central Atoma.  The protonic cord transmits the earth force, upward, toward the body.  Together they are being justified to the other through the silver cord of the neutron ray.  The student synchronized one chakra at a time with the corresponding chakral earth energy field.  As an example:  focus a beam of light form the heart chakra down the electronic cord of the Serapis helix.  As the heart energy descends, so the corresponding energy of the Central Sun is to be visualized as ascending the protonic cord of the helix.  When the two energies reach midpoint of the Atma, they are to be mentally frozen, allowing the neutronic balance within the silver cord to reconcile the two opposite energy rays (human/earth), engendering a greater refinement in the qualities of both (electronic and protonic) fields.  A sensitive initiate “feels” the right moment to release this bonding and allow the retreat of the forces back into their respective houses (i.e. the heart and the Central Sun).  The upper never descends, then, completely into the lower nor does the lower rise completely into the upper, but rather the two find a reconciliation of ascent-descent at mid-point, where that which contains the germ of both focuses (neutronic) advances the symbiosis to a state of purification.  The mid-point is actually dual in itself, as it is registered on both sides of the Atoma, between the Central Sun and the North Pole and between the Central Sun and the South Pole.

This is but the first stage in the exchange generation of the Serapis-Atma.  The succeeding stages are given only to those who have mastered the first.


Just now, in December of 2019 I came across this video below, in which it is stated that the Hollow Earth exists within another dimensional realm. I received this from Thoth Intelligence around the year 2000. I have never heard anyone else state this.

Before you view the video here is the information from Thoth…

First, in order to understand what I am perceiving as “inner earth,” I present the following. According to my insights, we are constantly moving through not only space but also time and dimension. When we pick up our fork or walk from the couch to the kitchen, we are changing our time and dimensional zones to some degree. This change for such a small movement is very, very little. Not being a mathematician, I am unable to give you the real fractions on it, but it is so minute as to effect only a slight adjustment in 1% of the rotation of an atom! However, as tiny as that might be, “little” can be powerful when it comes to shifting perception and thus reality. When we travel from New York to Cairo, we create a greater time and dimensional shift (and I am not addressing the change of established time zones). It is still minute, but it does affect our perceptions. I am sure you have noticed this in taking long-distance journeys, but perhaps thought it was only jet lag and adjusting to another cultural lifestyle around you. Certainly these are contributing factors, but according to my understanding, these additional factors are actually distracting you from the true impact the time / dimensional shift is having on your biological system. Astronauts experience this with even greater impact…especially in the days of the moon trips.

Now let us look at a journey to the inner hollow of this planet with the same perception. The north and south poles of the planet form a vortex portal to the Interior. However, this vortex is highly magnetic and warped at the poles of the earth, and not suited for a simple stroll through the door, so to speak. Markers by surface earth explorers have been placed at the “exact point” of “North” and “South” in these regions, proclaiming these points as the actual poles. Yet from my view of things, our whole planet…our whole UNIVERSE and ALL it’s spheres are whorls of energy interacting in various rotations and alignments to form what we experience as “solid matter.” In this context, the highly magnetic “poles” warp the energies of our planet along the central axis of the magnetic shell we choose to experience as “matter.” When we walk on or fly over the magnetic poles of our planet we are really just going around the edges of the magnetic whorl / vortex. In order to ENTER it we must “catch the wave” just right, as Admiral Byrd may have inadvertently done in the early 20th century.

What happens if we do? Suppose you are flying in a plane near the lip of the vortex and you find a thread into the opening. Obviously the odds of doing this accidentally are slim, but apparently (if the Byrd story is true) not non-existent. What greets you…munching mastodons? Not necessarily. First of all, just moving inside the lip of the vortex does not place you into the hollow earth. At this very outer region of entry you would experience (as I believe Byrd might have done) a moving field of space / time through which you could see and experience either the past or the future of this planet. If you knew how to follow the space / time thread through the lip of the vortex (as do ultra and inner terrestrial merkabah / vehicles) you would eventually move through the warp zone and into the hollow earth. Here you would find a world that is still slightly removed dimensionally from our own, as it is not only a greater distance than from the couch to the kitchen, but it is also in a much denser and more active magnetic zone (or zones within zones), which amps the whole space / time / dimensional shift.

There are other ways to reach the Interior…through caverns, leading to partially natural, partially man-made tunnels. Yet the same shift would take place for individuals making such a difficult journey. Without an inner earth guide, they would probably perish by cellular degeneration as they moved through erratic magnetic zones. I believe that with “help” there have been surface earth persons who have traveled this route to the Interior successfully in the past. 

There are many cavern cities and communities “on the way down,” yet when the Interior is reached, one is presented with a really incredibly beautiful and very diverse world. The dramatic diversity stems primarily from the various and strong magnetic anomalies caused by the interior “sun” at the inner world center, which contains a very specific pulsating magnetic field which effects the environment around it. This lends to the inner world the pseudo-qualities of the earth rotating around its solar sun. There are also quite a lot of differences as well. One may go 5 miles from a dense lush, tropical forest and arrive quite suddenly (almost like walking through a wall) inside a topsy-turvy vortex of ice crystal skies over a barren, perma-frosted desert.

Time /space / dimension is very loose in the Interior. There are regions that move so freely back and forth through time, they are not inhabited, except by those who specifically work with and in those “time-threading” zones.

In conclusion – and I stress this – physically traveling to into the inner earth as a goal in life is not something I wish to encourage. Being PRESENT in this world we live in is far more important.  Being aware that many realms compose the ONE of earthly experience is understanding. This awareness may help individuals to realize that ALL these dimensions are also within them. There is no need to go outside the self to find what you are seeking. In fact I do not believe it can be found that way. Being in the present moment is where they all come together for each of us and for the world as a collective whole.


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