TZO Matrix & the Seven Thunders


In 1989 my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa initiated a journey to seven countries, which we called The Voyage of the Blue Pearl. The key voyager of this journey was Delores (now Estrella) Kemp. I remained in my home in San Antonio, Texas. My health did not permit such an arduous journey.

The “Seven Thunders” is the Thothic name given to a supra-dynamic energy coming from what he calls the Primordials of Earth. These “Thunders” are now being brought back into the equation, for they are involved in the TZO Matrix (sub-matrix with the PRM).

Before we go into just how the Seven Thunders work within the TZO, here are excerpts from a 1989 issue of my publication, THE SOURCE on the Thunders and the Blue Pearl Voyage.


FROM 1989 ( I was then “Christine Hayes”)

When the Elohim brought the moons of Earth into existence, there were two moon-orbs, one of which was destroyed during the time of Atlantis. From issue *2-87 of The Source: “When the Dreampathers ritually walked the planet this past year (1986), they touched the moon-fragments buried beneath all the great ancient structures…. These fragments are remnants of our planet’s second moon, destroyed by the comet that plunged Atlantis’ last islands…into the sea. This fallen moon was named Mayah by the Atlanteans. Our remaining moon was Qbrigon.”

The moon Mayah was also imbued with Primordials. When it perished, the fragments of the physical orb which landed on the Earth were like the bits of Nautilus shell, holograms of the entire coding. Thus, each fragment was buried at a sacred site in order for its Primordial code to regenerate through these dynamic locations. When the time comes for the dolphins to receive and awaken the evolutionary stages once again in the planet, they will sift these forms not only from our present moon, but from the ancient one as well, through its long-buried fragments.

In doing so, the sites upon which these fragments are buried will also awaken their secrets to the initiated of the world.

The fragmented moon bares a feminine charge, our remaining orb is masculine. The resonance between the feminine resting in the earth of the planet and the masculine dominating our star consciousness is an interesting study of itself. [N0TE: While our remaining noon is “feminine” in regard to its solar/lunar function with the Earth/ it is “masculine” in its resonance with the other now-fragmented moon.]

To return to the role of the dolphins in bringing the Primordials back to Earth, we can see them as master teachers whose brains are more divine language than grey matter. In fact, a symbol given me for their brains were blue pearls, which corresponds to the name of Blue Pearl given to one of our Panexcal/Voyagers of Horus, Delores Kemp for the next anticipated journey she will make for Voyagers, once again directed by THOTH. She received this symbolic name, with THOTH confirming its significance through me. He told me that when the Primordials ascend from the etheric moon, they have a quality of iridescent blue. This does not mean they will be visible, but that the corresponding vibration or “ray” they contain is that color frequency.

On her Voyage, Delores will be awakening the Seven Thunders – electrical qualities of the primordial strengths and transferring them to specific locations on the planet.

For Delores, this adventure was truly the “ecstasy and the agony”, bringing her into bare confrontation with both Light and Darkness during her “40 days and nights in the Wilderness.” Beginning with her receipt of the Seven Thunders atop Mt. Greeba on the Isle of Man (Equinox, 9/23/89), to the conclusion of Blue Pearl within the Basilica of St. Peter’s in Rome, mighty forces were released in the Earth. These powers were destined to strike the core-sun of the planet and reverberate outward into its physical and etheric body.

The Voyager walked upon sacred ground in eight countries, charging, integrating, and awakening long-dormant codes of Light Mathematics — cosmic commands, which now awakened, link us to the worlds and suns of the universe. The receiving of the Seven Thunders – the Lightening-force primal energies which are the encoding of the First and the Last of the Earths’ Doctrine of Signature; and the entering of these Thunders into specific crucibles throughout the planet, for the purpose of quickening the dynamic of the inner sun Atoma to begin sending the full spectrum rays from its center to the surface of the Earth.

THOTH: The Labor of the Sun is upon the Alter, awaiting Delores’ cue for resurrection. You must see things in their completeness, and not as you are persuaded to believe that they are. Which reality do you accept? The imperfect karmic or the divine whole? This is the personification of the Blue Pearl Voyage. Otherwise, Delores would be no more than a puppet on a string, playing with toys of a crumbling universe. Instead, she must place herself in the center of her Sun, in the center of her moon. She commands the forces to rally to perfection, and in doing so, opens a door where in the imperfect reality, there is only stone. Once that door is opened, others will pass through. You, Christine, must do the same, for only with both of you accepting divine wholeness can the Blue Pearl be achieved. It takes the combination of your talents, but also of your faith…. Understand that you are involved here with a constant flow, changing to fit the contour of ever-increasing design. Once the floodgate is opened, the design becomes more and more intricate and dimensional. If you try to deal with this by mental tracking, you lose the flow and shut down the creating power. You must move with the inner command….

I was reviewing all this in my mind that morning of the 23rd, as the doorbell rang. It was around 3:30 A.M. Paul (the craftsman) had brought the gold bracelets! [2019 note: While the silver bracelets for Delores and I had been delivered in time for her to wear hers on the journey, the gold had not.]

I placed Delores’ on the Alter, and put mine on my right wrist. The silver Tryphon was already on my left, so now I was ready to receive the Seven Thunders. I would receive them first, and then, later in the day, Delores would accept them into her bio-auric field as well. My receipt was definitely the easiest, as Delores and Laurence’s climb of Mt. Greeba was no simple task. (Laurence Chisholm, of Aberdeen, Scotland, accompanied Delores on the Isle of Man, in Egypt and Sinai. From that point she continued alone.) Nevertheless, it was one of a handful of supreme experiences in my life.

Wearing the Tryphons, I went back to bed and into a deep, trance-like sleep. Sometime still before sunrise, I was awakened by a powerful current of electricity running through my body. It was so strong that I was unable to move, although I was by now, fully awake. Lying on my back, I was aware that the current was beginning at my feet and moving upward through my chakras, exiting at the crown. I could not open my eyes, but beneath the lids, I saw sharply, enormous lightning bolts of blue and white, streaking through a black void. I felt as if I were at the core of the Great Abyss, within a cauldron of First Creation. The volts of electrical current running in a steady flow through my physical body must have been tremendous. It was as if I was being electrocuted, except that there was no pain — nor was I afraid. Despite the fact that my cheeks were vibrating so hard against my gums I thought they would explode, I experienced an intense feeling of calm and purpose.

Suddenly, the lightning bolts disappeared, and the current propelled me out of my body, spiraling through a dark tunnel toward a beautiful light. As I experienced it, I realized the similarity to “near death” experiences, yet even this did not concern me. At that moment, I did not care if I returned or not. I only knew that it was my purpose to go. At some point, I either reached the light or was detoured from it.

Thou shalt bring up from the center of the Earthy a bolt of Lightning. Behold! The world at thy feet. ” – received by Christine Hayes in meditation, 1987

When I received the above “message”, I had no comprehension of its meaning, since I was yet to work with the Unicorns (specifically the birthing of The Black Rose), which opened me to the Cabalistic meaning of the lightening flash; and of course, the Blue Pearl Voyage was not even glimmering on my horizon in 1987. The line, “Behold/ The world at thy feet. ” disturbed me as I certainly cared not to have the world at my feet. However, now I see this passage as relating to a Cabalistic ritual of placing the Sephirothic sphere of Binah, representing the world, “at your feet”.

THOTH CONCERNING THE NUMEROUS EARTHQUAKES WHICH TOOK PLACE DURING THE VOYAGE: Indeed, the setting of the Excalibur Thunders could not have taken place without the expanding energy waves coming from the combination of the solar flares and the telluric pressures in the earth. The unique combination gives a charge or grounding dynamic for the planet to accept these lightening-force energies.

As a footnote to Delores’ story, I believe it is important to state that THOTH had initially told us she would face intense opposition from the Dark Forces on this trip, since her actions would directly affect the blocking of the Anti-Christ. When she received her serious injuries in Turkey, Delores had already had a near-accident that could have proved fatal in India. After Turkey, she had five more sacred sites to visit: in France, Greece, and Italy. She chose to continue, despite the pain and possibly serious repercussions of not having any medical attention until she returned to San Antonio. Technically, she could have sought medical treatment once she entered Europe, but Delores felt that the magical state she was under might be disturbed by uninitiated physicians. Thus, she kept going, unable to eat at all for the first five days, as she could not open her mouth wide enough, nor could she easily swallow. Even drinking water was an ordeal, as when she swallowed it, blood gushed from her nose. Yet after a week of continual healing, she worked through these problems and was on her way to wholeness once again. It was certainly an example of the divine connection between the faith and determination of an initiate and his/her God/Goddess form of Perfection. Companioning her spiritual will, she had taken on the “yoke” of this sacred journey and was thus placed under the veil of “amazing grace.”

[end of 1898 excerpts]


Now, in 2019 the Seven Thunders return, as a main dynamic of the TZO Matrix. Understand that this primordial energy carries the signal of Creation from the electro-magnetic field of our planet. It is the “on” switching current for all life. Yet is is also the quicken force for reaching the highest potential in living systems. These seven “charges” serve as alternating circuit breakers: alternating in a sequence of seven.

There a multiple ways those who are interacting with the TZO may work with the Seven Thunders for the advancement of this most important TZO-lectic grid. Such interaction will not only advance the grid-matrix, but the human element (us) who engage it.

The Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics plans to create what Thoth is calling “Thunder Sticks.” These are copper sticks filled with a mixture of shungite and prima matra powders, and perhaps some elements. They will be especially charged with the Thunders through psionic frequency settings, via templates placed around or within the sticks. While this project is not yet on the table for production, Thoth is encouraging me to share this information on the Seven Thunders now. Just as you call SATURN into your field when working with the TZO Protocol, so you may invite the Seven Thunders as well.




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