Mount Kailash as the White Empress

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art collage by Maia art collage by Maia click on image to see full size

Not long ago, I wrote an article about Mount Kailash as being at least in part, an artificial pyramid nested into a mountain base. This information is even more powerful to me now, since the Osiris Arising Project has been activated.

Now I am finding out (a la Google) that Mount Kailash is the abode of Lord Shiva and his consort or “wife” Shakti (also known as Parvati). This may be common knowledge to many of you reading this, but I am not well-read in Eastern traditions, so am just now learning this.

As I quoted in my previous article about Mount Kailash (from my Thoth transmissions of some years ago):

I call this enclave within the etheric regions of the Holy Mountain of Kailash, Gurideva ~ Throne of the New Earth. If you will recall, it is Mt. Kailash…

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What is this About? Understanding the Science

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Mount Kailash & Oduma (click on image to see larger) Mount Kailash & Oduma Host (click on image to see larger) art collage by Maia

My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa who is guiding me through this “project” with the Dweller Crystal Skulls, wishes me to lend some further clarification at this time.

First, let us take a look at the major aspects which have been revealed thus far . . .

There are the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls – all but two of which are in a slightly removed dimension within either caverns or vaults around the world, or inside the Interior Realm of the planet (Inner Earth), with a grouping of them – the Metatrons – in “other world dimensions.”

These Dweller Skulls were once physical humans (or star-related Kindred) who left their skulls behind on this Earth to be turned into a crystalline matrix, which was then laser and in minor ways, tool sculpted and polished into the more perfected shape of…

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Enter THOTH!

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Host for The Thoth Dweller - made of Smelted Quartz Host for The Thoth Dweller – made of Smelted Quartz

Because my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa had told me he was one of the Metatron Dwellers -those whose Crystal Skulls were in other dimensions now – I had thought that his Crystal Skull would not be hosted on this Earth – at least not in my lifetime. However, just as I finished with his transmission on the Osiris Fire Star Kachina, Thoth presented me with a surprize. His Crystal Skull is indeed in another dimension, but it is one held within the central sun atoma of the Earth! Energetically it is not the same as those Dwellers sequestered in the firmament of the Interior Domain of the Earth (as many are). Before we begin with Thoth’s transmission to me on this, here is what I wrote about the central sun atoma of the earth in 1980:

The atoma, or central sun…

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OSIRIS Fire Star Kachina

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My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa came to me the other day and said: “OSIRIS is the Fire Star Kachina.” Occasionally he drops a one-liner bomb on me like that lol. I haven’t had the time to pursue it with him until now.

So Thoth, Dear Friend…please tell us more!
[my comments are in bold brackets]

Thoth:  First, the components . . .

* Each of the 72 Dweller Beings / Crystal Skulls is represented in situ [within our local field of holographic observance] by 12 of the Dweller Beings / Skulls. These 12 are located in actuality in different locations on and in the planet..and some are “Metatron” – located in other cosmic [non-earth] dimensions. The TWELVE [which were 11 until a few years ago] are bi-located holographically into the Gurideva Enclave of Mt. Kailash.

[ (from a previous transmission in 2009) . . .it was revealed to me that…

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OSIRIS & the Osiris Host

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OSIRIS Host Crystal Skull OSIRIS Host Crystal Skull

This article is a continuation of ISIS & OSIRIS

In the mythos of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, there were many overlays and changes made through the centuries before they wound up in the Pyramid Texts and other ancient sources. The story of Osiris told in the Pyramid Texts is quite a mixture from various story tellers, each feeling that could tell the story just a little bit better. The actual historical person who were the “first” Osiris, Isis, Nephthys and Horus are pasted into the legends only slightly. However, the main purpose of these stories was to employ the dynamic images of these Beings who came to Earth (Osiris, Isis, Nephthys from the Blue Star Rigel), and Horus their son, who was born on this planet –  as representing allegoric characters revealing a deep truth of the energetics they embedded into the time wave and energy…

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The RED Queen & The Pyramidis Radius Matrix

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The WHITE Queen Host in a color shifting (well it is really a light box) The WHITE Queen Host in a color shifting (well, it is really a lightbox)

As I await the arrival of the Host Crystal Skull for the OSIRIS Dweller (Risen One) and Lynn prepared for her journey to Egypt with the ISIS (Lady of the Lake) Host, yet another hosting is setting up!

Thoth is calling this Dweller Crystal Skull Thresholding in Mexico, “The Red Queen.” The guardian of this upcoming Dweller-Host match is to be Kaylasa JaguarStar. Kaylasa has followed my work with Thoth and the Akashic since she was 17. She is in her late twenties now. She has been writing on a book entitled Midnight Fire, which is based on my Thoth-guided Akashic translations of over 45 years…focusing on the story of Thoth. It is a fictional work on the surface, but the undercurrent is rooted in my Thothic Streamings. This last week, Thoth (through me) offered her…

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Star Lords, Crystal Skulls & the Reparation

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composite art by Maia composite art by Maia

Many years ago, a young man in my life said to me that the biggest difference between us was that to me, everything meant something and for him, nothing meant anything. My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa has told me that both are correct…in the realm of quantum physics it is how you observe it.

For many of us in the human element – especially in these times – we see that everything MUST mean something. We are searching for the clues of our nature, our reason for existence and for being here on this planet. How did we get here and where are we going…and mostly importantly, why are we even in existence as what we call “souls”?  All BIG and IMPORTANT questions to us. That is our focus and therefor, destiny – to recover knowledge of Self.

I preface this article with these thoughts, as for me…

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