Osiris Arising? Updated

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I am re-posting this with new information added (deleting the old post).


According to my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, this is not HAARP phenomena on the video below, but activity connected to the accelerating activation of the PYRAMIDIS RADIUS MATRIX which is of course, central to the “arising” of the quantum mechanics in the Osirian Vault beneath the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid of Giza). These fellas go on and on with their hypothesis as you see the same footage over and over, but just watching in for a few minutes – it is quite spectacular.

Some more . . .

A “dome” effect caused by the larger dome being created around the planet – of the PRM.


ThothHorRa: The Holofield of the PRM is being created now…before your eyes. As we have told you previously, humanity will begin to see what is happening, whereas before it was not visible…

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The Seal of Solomon & Temple of the Risen One

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From my earlier translations of the Thoth Akasha . . .

The Opening of the Lotus

The Great Pyramid at Giza becomes the ‘Thresholding Chamber’ for the Ascension fulfillment. Within this ancient structure is contained an etheric temple counterpart Thoth refers to it as the ‘Temple of the Morning Star’.

i) Adonai Kodesh: Inside the Temple of the Morning star is a golden cube with a sphere inside connected to a ’blue hole’, which differs from a ‘black hole’ in that it is responsive to sentient consciousness control.

ii) Projection of ‘blue needles’ into pyramid’s Vault of Osiris

iii) Activates the Violet Flame

iv) Lotus unfolds, sending golden needles out into the planet, calibrating the vibration of all matter to register above a specific threshold which The Keys of Enoch calls the ‘Sacred Formula Grid’.


With attention to what I wrote in 2000 on the Lotus unfolding (iv), Thoth’s…

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Light Principle Forty & Mass Ascension


Many years ago, my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa first introduced me to “Light Principle 40″ (LP-40):

A delineation of the whole constant or Time Creation, which can  be pictured as a sphere, with it’s greatest density on the surface rather than at it’s center. The electrical/magnetic fields that perpetuate time are a whole dynamic. There are a sequence of Light Mathematics which equates to this wholeness, registering entirely in the ‘now’ moment.

When the Time Creation sphere is divided through mind entropy, there are portions of the whole sphere that become dis-located or ‘missing’. These missing fractions of the whole then, are replaced by logic synthesis. This is a process of higher Intellect. Logic synthesis creates informal reality (temporary synapses between logic streams) where division cannot be equated (does not compute), as within the whole dynamic of the Time Creation sphere. Informal reality in the Time Creation sphere, becomes a ‘memory’ of the missing fractions.

LP-40 is the Light Mathematical moment when the logic synthesis finds it’s constant, ie, the missing fraction (through it’s ‘memory’ of it), and thereby reclaims the true principle of the Time Creation equation.

LP-40 then, is THE defining action or moment that brings about what Thoth metaphorically calls “mass ascension.” In reality, this “ascension” is the quantum burst of LIGHT being activated through the Quantum Cube, or holographic intelligence field within the DNA. This ‘burst’  is ignited in the heart, which is the actual Seat of the holographic intelligence field (the DNA being it’s ‘workforce’). Only through the principle of DIVINE LOVE can we become the ascended being. Planetary ascension, which translates living beings and earth to another vibratory world dimension is only an offshoot the true ascension of the heart.

Essentially we create our universal reality, so therefor we decide when the quantum burst will occur and thus activate LP-40. It may sound simple, but then of course from the relativity of our delineated reality it is not quite so, as humanity has chosen complexity as it’s modus operandi within what we define as the physical world.



Also some years ago, Thoth gave me a geometry which he calls the Arieopax or Isis Eye.

The Isis Eye is a geometric for bringing together the Attasic Universe as a point of mind. Not in a physical sense, but as a hologram in the mind, enabling that sentience to sustain passage through conflicting time gates. . . the Aeriopax harmonic. . . is a grid of time reality exchange. Once activated, the grid allows the passage between multi-layered time fields without distortion.

There are 16 reference nodes: those points of synapse which create a referral of information through the grid. There are 6 matrices in which to create virtual reality fields and the rhombic spinning field in the center. This spinning field is the ‘time tunnel’ or vehicle for movement within the entire process. The parallel bar is the ‘core accelerator’ charging, discharging and maintaining the energy separation between realities. Without the core accelerator all interacting realities would become enmeshed in one another – something like wadding bundles of chewing gum together and then trying to separate them.

When the Isis Eye / Aeriopax is activated through human intelligence and spiritual rapport with it’s dynamic (focused through the EARTH, according to Thoth) those participating . . .form a spinning wheel of Emerald Light around us. From this wheel we see the Aeriopax arise, each of the 16 points fiery Yods form the ‘Book of Life.’ the 6 fields within the boundaries of the points are quickened as windows of crystal containing the libraries of all Earth dimension. We set this Living Merkabah of the Aeriopax upon the land. . ..Once the planet is fully within the Conversion Zone, it’s central sun atoma in the very center of the Earth, also known as the Holy of Holies, will lock onto the greater Isis Eye coordinates emanating from the 44:44 Stargate, placing this sphere we currently inhabit into the center diamond of the geometric.

My former husband and still very much Kindred, Simeon Nartoomid has just released an article he wrote, quoting from my channelling on planetary Ascension. I find his article to be very powerful and intriguing.

CLICK HERE to read Simeon’s Article

related article by Maia


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The Portals of Osiris Arising

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If you are reading this, you probably know something about universal / Earth portals. This is a term designated for passages between dimensions in space-time. There are portals in the Earth and in the space of the greater universe. Wormholes are portals, yet there are those formed in other ways. Black holes are extreme portals. There are also micro portals within the human body and those of other higher species on this planet. They all connect into one point or Seed of each universe.

The following video made before the 2012 shift, speaks about some key aspects of where we are going – through, with the Portals.

Here is an article on the discovery of magnetic portals by the scientific community . . .

(World Truth TV) Star-gates, magnetic portals, vortexes in space: Science fiction writers have given the concept of extraordinary openings in space/time all sorts of names to explain how…

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GRIDS: Relationship to Ascension Dynamics

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Lynn McCallum’s words of wisdom – a topic very related to the OSIRIS RISING Project!

Want to know more about the grids – how they relate to  ascension dynamics & affect our bodies? about using the tools of Human Design & The Gene Keys to understand our blueprints?

About understanding that we are not our blueprints but they show us the role in the play we have?

…and about where we are at now in the great shift? I share insights about all of these things & more on this recording As a guest of Tammy Super & Amy Brimicombe’s awesome podcast series its a long one so you might want to jump around & ask the universe  what parts may be helpful for you at this time of great transmutation.

Lynn’s Blog Talk – Click Here!

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Schumann Frequency Resonance of the Earth Has DOUBLED!

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I feel this is significant in regard to the OSIRIS ARISING Project and the ISIS Dweller Host Skull’s activation of the OSIRIS Vault beneath the Great Pyramid, via Lynn McCallum and her Team! Of course there are many contributing factors in the rising of the frequency so quickly within just a few years time…all this making it possible for OAP ia ISIS Host and Lynn to be able to torque it up and spin it out! (the triggering of the OSIRIS Vault).

There is concrete evidence to suggest that Mother Earth herself is shifting her vibration, in order to adapt to the paradigm shift. The Schumann Frequencies are the ‘sound’ of the earth. It’s like hearing the sound of a big drum, with that drum being the earth’s resonant cavity. Only a few years ago the earth was vibrating at around 7.8 hertz, but a few days ago, the Schumann frequency…

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ISIS Host Crystal Skull in Egypt

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Our StarWalker, Lynn aka Celest’RA has returned from Egypt and we had a wonderful conversation yesterday about her journey. It was amazing! She could easily write a best-seller about her Egypt experience.

I leave Lynn’s story for her telling on The Living Universe, but I wish to share just a snippet with you concerning the ISIS skull and it’s activating of OSIRIS in the Great Pyramid.

The security around such sacred sites in Egypt as the Pyramids of Gizeh and the Sphinx are very tight now…not so much so when I was there in 1997. No one was allowed to take anything with them into the Great Pyramid.  But to give some back story here for a moment . . .

In the transmission from Thoth concerning the ISIS Host Skull and it’s modus operandi in the service of the Osiris Arising…

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