Revisted: CRUX ANATA & The Venus Temples

Mari Magdalene & the CRUXUS Venus Temple

Mari Magdalene & the CRUXUS Venus Temple – by Maia

Some years ago I was shown by my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, the “Venus Temples” on Earth. These are actually nodes in the planet, yet through the ages there have been either temples or at least markers of some kind, to denote their presence. Most if not all of these have been buried through time.

I have some key information on the Venus Temples which I am re-posting here from my archival Spirit Mythos site (followed by new insights) . . .


Thoth on the Temples of Venus

These temples are the wombs containing what could be called “Seeds of Light” for an Age soon upon us, when Venus, our Sister and Guardian in this solar system will aid us in our transition into the New Earth Star. This process has indeed already begun!

Location of the Venus Temples and their keynotes

1) A’RATU – TEMPLE OF THE GOLDEN FLAME on the slope of Mt. Ararat, Turkey – (active) holding the codes of the First Principle – the WORD, LOGOS OF THE SEED. GOLDEN FLAME.



4) RUHA’KEESH – TEMPLE OF THE RUBY FIRE – The one in Sedona (active) is the Path of QUALIFYING THE NATURE OF THE DIVINE FEMININE. It is the RUBY FIRE….the burning away of all dross to see the true form.



7) OWII’NEMAKA – TEMPLE OF THE GEM BODY – Kaua’i (underneath the San Marga Monastery grounds) – a Lemurian Venus Temple (re-activated 2/04 – 2/16 07) – PRIMA MATRA – FIRST MATTER ARISEN TO THE NEW OCTAVE – EMERALD FLAME.

According to my Thothic transmissions on 11/05/06, Mount Kailash in Tibet “is the place of triggering the infusion of the rays of Mazuriel into the earth. Thus, it is the point that will bring together and prepare the Temples of Venus.

If you see the roil point of the planet (Hawaii) and the Mazuriel point (Mount Kailash), you will find that they communicate…the former brings the quicken into the center of the earth and the later opens the stargate of Mazuriel to flood into the earth.”

For every Temple of Venus node in the “Old Earth” so there is a correspondent Venus Temple node in the New Earth Star of Numis’OM.

Take a virtual tour of the Venus Temple nodes on Google Earth!


Then in 2008 I received about the 8th Venus Temple – CRUXUS . . .


In a Thoth transmission released directly after the January 7th, 2008 date of the re-activation of the 7th and last Venus Temple node of the current Earth: the Atlantean Venus Temple in the Canary Islands, Thoth revealed that there is now an 8th Venus Temple – in Numis’OM (not in our current Earth reality), which is the central hub of all the Venus Temples in both realms: current and Numis’OM. He calls this Temple the CRUXUS or CRUX ANATA (Thoth has used both names interchangeably).

Art work I have created of the Cruxus Venus Temple was expressly guided by Thoth and is an energy template of the streaming of Light codes coming from the Cruxus Venus Temple node and through the Cruxus Venus Pillar of Light, into our current Earth reality.

When creating this image I used the textures and designs at my disposal, so one could say that this is a “symbolic” view and not a literal one. Yet as I worked to create this image I felt that the textures and designs I chose were being woven into the “real” temple format. It is difficult to explain, but comes straight out of quantum physics.

As I “observed” the “temple” so it modified itself to accommodate my observation and thus art depiction. According to the Sufis, the word “akasha” means “accommodation.” This could be seen as a universal law. If so, then everyone’s view, work of art, vision, etc. would be accommodated in the same manner, as their view shifted the reality of what they saw. Yet I wish to take this a step further within the context of the Pymander Seraphi Program specifically. This is just a narrow SLICE, but if true, has profound universal “quantum” implications.

As I viewed and artistically created the “8th Temple” and thus it shifted to accommodate my process, I felt that this specific “accommodation” was being guided to conform to a Seraphic dynamic within the Pymander – coming from the Seraphim Angelic Light Language creational matrix of the El’ohim. A mouthful, I know! Simplified (somewhat), it would seem that the Seraphi program of the Pymander was controlling the outcome of my interaction with the Cruxus Venus Temple node, and thus it’s “shifting” of modality and visual presentation.

What all this really means, I honestly do not know at this point. I am simply sharing with you my on-going revelation concerning it. I do not imagine that I have some special “in” with this universal property. I do believe however that the whole Earth paradigm is transforming to accommodate the New Earth Holographic quantum creational matrices in a manner that is far more user friendly to humanity that it was before. Before WHAT, I’m not exactly certain, as so many watermarks are being reached almost daily in the New Earth transformational process.

A recent related “blurb” from Thoth: The Cetacean population of the planet is currently undergoing a metamorphosis of their energy fields and how they connect to and integrate with Earth grid systems. This is under the direct guidance of the HESPARA SIGNA operating through a sub–channel, the “Master Earth Grid Coalition.” This Coalition is newly formed, but the Hespara Signa is ancient: a regulator of the “Venus Mandate” (of guardianship of Earth).

Signa defined by Thoth: specific distinguishing action or form, desire command: incites to action or movement… shifting of whole Earth grid systems into alignment with new star vector commands coming out of Ascension dynamics which are now accessing the current Earth matrices – and will accelerate in access as new channels open, such as the “CRUXUS ANATA PILLAR OF LIGHT” activation, which took place on 1/07/08.

Scientific validation of stargates and ascension dynamics claimed!

William Henry claims that there is scientific validation of stargates and ascension dynamics. If this is true it will further ground the planetary consciousness into accepting the coming dramatic events and changes in reality that such dynamics as the Cruxus Venus Pillar of Light and the Areiopax are creating within a very real and escalating inter-dimensional and inter-facing Great Matrix: the all-encompassing Matrix containing the many matrices and grids of the Earth. (Maia in 2015: the Pyramidis Radius Matrix!)

Thoth addressing this topic: Indeed, for some time certain “select” groups of scientists have been observing aspects of the Great Matrix. However, as the “phenomena” increases, increasingly we find scientists outside the “box” of the “Architects” (Thoth’s term for those who design and are in control of what is often called the “One World Order” on the planet). These “rogue” scientists are dedicated to eventually revealing to the world what they are experiencing and learning from the developing New Hologram of Earth. In order to maintain credibility and keep panic at a minimum among the masses, this “revealing” must be accomplished in stages, which is being carefully orchestrated by the ILN or Inner Light Network.

(further in 2008)

Thoth: As we have said, for every Temple of Venus node there is a corresponding Temple node in Numis’OM of the New Earth Star. Thus, as the Cruxus Venus Pillar of Light forms with the final Venus Temple activation in the “Old Earth” (current planetary reality), the Numis’OM temples will begin to be accessed by humanity in this current reality. What does this truly mean? That human beings will find an expanded state of potential before them for re-accessing their “Venusian codes”: those DNA crystalline encodings which Venus as an energy body holds for earth in high-frequency ranges until humanity and it’s planet is ready to receive them. The Venusian codes contain the wake-up signals for the Twelve Genui or Text Codes to be found in the Akashic Records of Thoth. They are not created in these records, but held within it for the earth. When the Crux Anata makes the “contact” with the higher Venusian frequencies, so the 12 Genui will begin to unfold within the DNA. The implications of this process are vast and not intended for revelation within the context of this transmission or time frame. We do reveal that the “unfolding” will take place gradually and yet with dramatic calculation and precision. As a result, the human race will experience a physical evolutionary movement forward – a “growth spurt” in a sense. This quantum leap for the human body will cause those who are not “minding the store” of their spiritual selves to become dis-associated with the human form and many will simply not be able to maintain the body – even in regard to returning to the current earth reality through incarnation. Some may have to come to terms with certain karmic patterns in the astral realms before reincarnation is possible. Others, who are diligently applying (even if imperfectly) spiritual principle in their lives will find that their bodily changes, while to some degree challenging (depending upon the circumstance of the individual) will hold for them the internal “stargate” codes of Ascension. Through application of internal guidance, they will begin to activate these codes, not only for themselves, but for the planetary whole.

Understand that what we speak of here is not only “evolution” of future generations through this quantum breakthrough, but the current living bodies on the planet (to some degree).

Bringing all this back to the now, be AT PEACE with the January 7th activation. Hold it in your HEARTS as a sacred moment in time. It is a CHRISTIC HOUR for the earth and it’s kind. The sacred hour of Yeshua as he stood watch over humanity in the Garden of Gethsemane and took upon himself  BODY and SOUL the Passage of Light into the earth that has now come to what is before you now: the Cruxus Pillar of Light and the new DNA awakening in the human body. Let us not forget that the Master Yeshua was of the “House of David,” translated as the key Grail Family stemming from Lord Melchizedek’s entrance from Venus to earth in MU (Lemuria), beginning the Grail Families within this realm; through Atlantis, into Egypt and the Middle East, carried into other lands, such as the British Isles, and into the “New World” of the Americas. Such historical personages as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson contained “Grail Family” genetics within them, for the purpose of holding Christic Consciousness (we speak here of the Universal Christ – not a Christian Religion) in the “New World.”


January 7th, 2008: the date of the Atlantean Venus Temple-node re-activation, and thus the “turning on” of the Cruxus Pillar of Light.

On this momentous day, Thoth “opened the scroll” to me and I saw . . .

A double-helix of crystalline hexagons forming within the Pillar of Light. One helix was BLUE (currrent Earth ray) and the other was VIOLET (Numis’OM ray). As the two helix formed they also braided together, leaving a central CORE open between them that had electrical charges zipping on and off between the two helix within this core.

This continued for awhile and then the two helixes became an INDIGO (New Earth Star ray as a whole) moving LIGHT – One Power, One Force, One Being; and began pulsing – at first with two separate rhythms, like in syncopation. The Light of the Pillar grew brighter and moved through many rainbow hues. The two beating rhythms then came together. I knew then, that one beating was the galactic center of the Milky Way and the other was the central atoma of the Earth. Now in the Cruxus Venus Pillar of Light, the two had become ONE. That ONE then, transformed into the heartbeat of Numis’OM, within the Blue Star of Orion! The codes of the Venusian Guardian had braided together the two earth planetary DNA (current and Numis’OM) or hagia (see also Roil Point), creating a pathway or Stargate / wormhole through the living DNA of our current Earth and into the living DNA of the New Earth. This “new DNA” dwells within the Lotus Loci beings of Numis’OM: which is also inside our “Pure Gem” bodies, waiting to come forth from the crystalline “Dragon Pearls” of our Primal Life Song.

Thoth then showed me the 8th Venus Temple node in Numis’OM, which had formed energetically from the Crux Anata Pillar of Light. As he has previously made me aware, for every Venus Temple node in the current earth, there is a correspondent one in the New Earth of Numis’OM. However, this 8th Temple is only in Numis’OM. It is a central point or “still point” which anchors all the other Venus Temple nodes in BOTH realities, through the Cruxus Pillar of Light. For this reason, he is calling this 8th Temple, the “Cruxus Venus Temple.”


Now, in 2015 let us revisit the Venus Temple nodes and the 13th CRUXUS Pillar Temple . . .

At the time I wrote all of the above, the PYRAMIDIS RADIUS MATRIX (PRM) had not yet been introduced to me. Now Thoth is informing me that the seven Venus Temple nodes are primary activators within it (not surprisingly). The CRUXUS within the New Earth Star realm / hologram is acting as a central pillar of light, beaming down through the core of each of the PYRAMIDIS RADIUS pyramids…not just the Three-Fold Radius pillars (in Egypt-China-Bosnia) but all of them.

So what is the significance of this?

Remember that as stated above, “the Venusian codes contain the wake-up signals for the Twelve Genui or Text Codes to be found in the Akashic Records of Thoth.”   The Genui are “the twelve Genui, or sacred names of the individual vibrations of the Holy Adam Kadmon DNA template through which the ‘Body of Christ’ was made Man, the individual may further embed the ‘Christ’ as a consciousness vibration within their cellular consciousness. It is a subtle form of receiving Christic communion (the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ) into the deeper recesses of the physical body consciousness, which otherwise holds the greatest inertia and attachment to the lesser desires of man’s animal nature.”

Understand that the “Christ” within this context is not a religious reference. It is referring to the true Christic Mysteries, just as the Buddhic Mysteries are not truly defined by Buddism.

The CRUXUS is the common denominator of all the Venus encoding of the seven Venus temple-nodes. As it extends from one holographic realm (New Earth Star) into another (current Earth), so it transfers all the potential and actualization of those codes within humanity – to US – to our current time stream; and locks it into the “machine” of our progression into New Earth Consciousness via the PRM.

Why is Venus so important?

I have acquired a great deal of information about this through the years. I put the keynotes of it all together in my activational video HESPERUS ASKARA – The Venus Mandate. (Kyi’Ra Portal member can find the link to it HERE.)

However, in a nutshell it is important because Venus and Earth energetically and consciously did not originate in this solar system, but within the “Blue Star” Rigel in Orion. Venus is the “Guardian” of Earth and holds the “codes” for Earth’s return – and re-ordering into the “New Earth.”

Venus Temples and the Magdalene Divine Feminine

Thoth to the Sisters of the Magdalene in regard to their sacred journey in September of 2006 to the Temple of Venus in France – key facilitator, Nicole Christine. This message was given through me (Maia) on 7/22/06.

Thoth: The original Sisters of the Magdalene began as a gathering of women with their Master Teacher (the soul later incarnated as Mari of Magdalene) in the lands of the Azerites. 250 years later in 1,678 BC four of these souls came to the Temple of Venus to take vows to serve the planetary purpose of the Magdalene; but this service was actually begun with the original gathering of the Sisters. Other “Magdalene” souls took vows in this service at different times, incarnations and places. Understand that when we (Thoth often uses “we”) say “Magdalene souls” we mean souls who serve a specific path of the Divine Feminine which the soul of Mari of Magdalene brought forth on the physical plane of earth. Because this vibration is so strong, being maintained continuously on the inner planes, many women (and even some men) feel as if they had been incarnated as THE Magdalene. It is because their soul serves so devotedly on this path. Indeed, in this sense they are all Magdalenes.

In the Year of our Lord 1216 the Sisters of the Magdalene re-established themselves formally once again (as they had done in several ages past) and presented themselves to the Temple of Venus in France once again – this time as a group of 13 women. They came from the nations of France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Spain.

To this gathering the Sisters from Spain brought a large, polished alabaster egg that had been in the keeping of the Sanctuary of Isis in Egypt for many centuries. It had originally been created for and served the Ey’sis Priestesses at Heliopolis. It was one of the BENU eggs – this one filled with the rites, ceremonies and prayers of these women as they opened their being to be filled with the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, SHE WHO IS THE FEMININE CHRIST VIBRATION. This LIGHT is very much needed on the planet at especially this time, due to the escalating fulfillment of prophecies – seemingly dark and yet full of worlds within worlds of light-binding codes.

In Spain the egg had been guarded by the Quosque, a sacred order of the Berbers (Moors – direct descendants of Atlanteans). This egg now lies in a catacomb beneath the Temple of Venus. The catacomb served other purposes eons ago, but the Magdalenes knew of it and were guided there to place the alabaster egg of Benu, not just for safe-keeping, but to perpetuate the AIN SOPH / LIGHT OF THE WORLD from the node on earth.

Now, in 2006, as the Magdalenes come once again to this sacred temple they are to quicken the Light codes within the egg and release them on a new level into the earth and the genetics of the races of the earth.

notes from Maia: I had never heard of the “Azerites” but did find one (only) mention of them through google, saying that the Israelites were not to intermarry with Hittites, Amorites or Azurites, but this nevertheless occurred during the Babylonian captivity.

The alabaster I saw of the egg was white and iridescent in appearance. I asked Thoth if this had anything to do with the “alabaster jar.” He replied that the jar was a metaphor for the egg, although there WAS a real alabaster jar historically, it was THERE to represent the deeper truth of the alabaster egg.

Later I was told by Nicole Christine that the date Thoth gave me this message – July 22nd, was the Feast Day of Mari Magdalene!

On June 11th, 2006 Nicole Christine posted the following on the Spirit Mythos Forums

As the Da Vinci Code phenomena intensifies, it feels even more important to tell of an ancient Magdalene Sisterhood that re-emerged on the planet in 1996, seven years before Dan Brown’s book made the best sellers list. At that time, I founded the Magdalene Mysteries School in Tucson, Arizona and sounded the call that reunited this Priestess Sisterhood and unknowingly blazed a trail to wholeness for myself and the women and men who would later take the path with me. The story of this journey is told in my new book Under Her Wings: The Making of a Magdalene.

My commitment to heal childhood sexual wounds took me beyond the confines of organized religion and social pretences. There I found inspiration in the figure of Mary Magdalene, whom I came to know as a protectoress of sexual wisdom and of sacred union between woman and man, Goddess and God.

In a 1998 phone session with Maia, she revealed the ancient import of my deepening bond with Magdalene. As she began the reading, Maia affirmed the strong presence of Magdalene and of Thoth, the Egyptian Lord of the Akashic Records, who opened my cosmic library scrolls for Maia. “I see you and two others, along with the soul that was Mary Magdalene,” Maia said, “but previous to her historic incarnation with Christ when the four of you were together at the Temple of Venus. It’s in southern France near La Val Dieu, the Valley of the Gods. That lifetime–between 2,000 or 1,000 BC–you three took vows with the soul of the Magdalene in her planetary purpose.”

Excitement surged through my body as I listened. I had been to La Val Dieu in 1996, where unknowingly, this vow was surely reactivated. But what I now understood was that our vow was to assist in fulfilling Magdalene’s planetary purpose, not simply to retrace her path. Of course we were to expand, move beyond, what she accomplished in her Piscean Age incarnation. We were to take her sacred union purpose into the Aquarian Age beyond the lands where she had seeded it!

I was deeply moved as Maia continued with information directly from Mary Magdalene. Maia said, “She is calling you Hespara, which is derived from Hesperus, which means Venus. There is a strong energy of the Goddess principle of Venus connecting the two of you. She indicates that the point of recognition, fulfillment, and dedication you feel in your connection to her is anchored in the Temple of Venus in the Earth.”

This September, numerous Magdalene sisters and I will be journeying to the Temple of Venus in France to consciously attune with, anchor, and embrace the planetary purpose of the soul of the Magdalene in sacred alignment with what is ours to individually and collectively fulfill in these times. I joyously anticipate that this will lead to return trips to France and to greater clarity about our roles in helping to fulfill this planetary purpose of actualizing sacred union of the feminine and masculine, within and without.

With an open heart, I invite you to read more about the Magdalene Mysteries in Under Her Wings.

This quote captures the spirit in which the journey was lived and the book was written: “Spirituality is not about being pious. It is about fully engaging life in whatever ways it presents itself.”


Nicole Christine has since made her transition from this world. Yesterday I did a Skype session for one of the Priestesses of the Magdalene Order Nicole established. I did not know that this lady was one of her Priestesses until nearly the end of the session….even though she informed of this in her initial email query. I simply totally and completely forgot it. Yet during the session, a female presence was communicating to her through me. When I realized the woman I was speaking to was a Priestess of Nicole’s Order I knew right away why the female presence communicating through me was so familiar to me! It was indeed beyond a doubt in my mind, Nicole Christine. I feel it is SHE (you might say standing next to Thoth in this matter) prompting me to write on the Venusian-Magdalene Temples now.

Before continuing, allow me to place into context the following . . .

The Venus Temple nodes are energy points in the Earth which were established by our Earth Guardians (to put it simply) long, long ago. Since that time, those representing the Divine Feminine (which is the Thresholding Living Light insignia of Venus (Thoth), have come to these nodes and raised temples, shrines or simple markers – feeling, sensing and many knowing, that these places contain a wellspring of Divine Feminine effulgence.

At keynotes in this procession of time and souls across the ages, the SOUL  of Mari Magdalene has come to the Venus temple-nodes to connect, revive and restore the ancient pure strains of the Feminine in the Earth…and I must stress at this point, this service is not just about women, but men as well. For both sexes contain the “mysteries” and “magic” of the feminine and masculine.

The soul of Mari Magadelene is one of the 72 DWELLER Souls. Her crystal skull (as a MU Priestess) is within the sacred mountain of Wai’ale’ale on Kaua’i, and the Host crystal skull acting as a duplicate for this Dweller Skull is on an altar in my home. (see Dwellers of the Threshold)

Where does this all, in 2015?

I have been shown that the CRUXUS Pillar is developing a stronger presence within the PRM and locating it’s dynamic insertion into the Earth’s field is two-fold. One is in the Pacific Ocean within the area of the Roil Point of the planet – the Hawaiian  Islands.


The other is through Mount Kailash in Tibet. These two locations create the complete path of the CRUXUS: ENTERING in the Pacific and DISSEMINATING outwardly along the plane of the globe via Mount Kailash.

As the CRUXUS unfolds it’s Light field, so the Venus temple-nodes will expand their Light fields as well (this is already in progress).  People – especially women (and men attuned to their Divine Feminine) will be drawn to the Venus centers once again…new interactions will take place as these “pilgrims” carry the Venus seeds through their DNA, back into the grids of mass consciousness.

 related link: Solar-Lunar Magnetic Shells


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The Olrig Estate – Mystery and Magic

Olrig House

Olrig House

The Olrig Estate in Scotland is currently owned by my Dutch friend, Michele Dinger. It is on the market for sale. The house is several hundred years old, having been built by a member of the Sinclair “Grail” Family. It nests on major grid lines and figures into a greater “Reshel” gridometry which William Buehler and to some extent myself, have been unraveling now for about 30 years now…well, since around 1985, but I can’t count that high lol.

You can read about it more in my previous posting about the Olrig Estate.

My good friend Rex Harrison, who lives in Glastonbury was asked by Thoth (through me) if he would care to go on a “mission” to Olrig. He agreed. Essentially it was to install a small rose quartz Seed Skull within the house, but of course there is always more that one thing, with such multi-dimensional missions.

The following is Rex’s account of his week at Olrig. The photos taken by him as well.


First of all I would like to Thank Michelle, the current owner for allowing me to stay at her Beautiful Home. As you will see from the photo’s it is an extensive property. I was the only one staying here but never felt any uneasiness about this even at the end of dark corridors where I was looking for a light switch. The Energy that is inside the house is Exquisite, Ancient and “Hospitable”.

Before I tell of the making, I would draw your attention to some of the photo’s.

The large “circular” stone flat on the ground with a smaller stone on top of it is covering a hole beneath, the large stone actually wobbles when you stand on it. There is a small hole in the middle of the large stone which has been covered by the smaller stone, suggesting that it was either a receptacle for “Something” or it is in fact a distorted Mill Wheel. I considered this place for the staff at first.

1661766_10204947920150182_8723926981511705977_n - CopyIn one of the photo’s of the House (snow on ground) there is an open Pink doorway, to the left. Next to this is an Octagonal shaped structure. THERE IS NO WAY IN FROM THE HOUSE. A door on the other side is shut firm and the large keyhole Flap has been painted solid with the door and so will not slide sidewise allowing a key. This may be the Cellar entrance via a circular stairway inside. The windows are boarded up. I know some of you were eager for me to find the Basement, but I still do not know for certain that this is the way down below there is no other way down from the house as I checked all rooms bar the private quarters of Michelle.

Please see my comments I have made for the Olrig album, concerning the fallen trees and the “land bulges and underground structures.” ( Maia: I couldn’t find any comments, but Rex is referring to so many places on the property where it is evident that underneath lies older structures and caved in areas…tunnels?)

In the early hours of my last day I was awoken suddenly by an urge to get up….so I did….it was about 4 am. I had gathered the materials I would need to make the installation except the sand from a nearby beach) but something played on my mind…I would need help getting the large Stone pot I had previously selected up the stairs as it weighed more than One man could carry on his own. Also was the floor strong enough…

Then it all came to me in a flash and I was “told” to go back to the greenhouse, take the wheelbarrow and get one of the large plastic tubs I had seen there yesterday. So out into the night I went with my pocket torch…I found a suitable pot and Low and Behold an unopened large bag of Compost. This was ideal as I was also wondering if I could carry enough sand back from the beach in my smaller bucket to fill the pot. I wanted the sand from the nearby beach as it is Silica.

Around about Dawn I went in the car to the beach and gathered the sand, I also found the two large stones which are placed next to the Installation. One is Quartz and the other from Iron that is found in the local stones. By the time I get back and have had some food etc time is moving on and I am eager to start moving all my materials to the “west wing” and the stairwell so that I can start assembling it.

Then I hear the “voice” again and it says ” Go back to the fallen Tree”…I protest not enough time I would have to put back on all my winter outdoor clothes and go off walking for some distance……

But I go back to the Fallen Tree and after removing the stones embedded still in its roots now exposed to the sky, I place these stones upright into the ground around the tree and pay some little attentions to it as I do…. (there are 3 pics I think of this tree, showing distinct underground wall structure.)

10982446_10204947925150307_7401874548314363526_nI was about to leave and get on with my work..then I saw it lying exposed above ground a new Bud and Shoots of a SNOWDROP… had been dislodged by the falling tree from the ground. I picked it up and carefully take it back to the house where I immediately put it into some soil, a small glass for now. It was the Final Piece I needed and So so very important to me. The Grounds around here are covered In Snowdrops …..Everywhere, everywhere they are.

10426223_10204947944230784_4337677532772970711_n - CopySo The White Stag (Maia: the staff Rex made) was “Planted surrounded by sand and stones and then a layer of compost…On top of this layer I placed a small 5″x4″ slab of Local stone and embedded it into the soil leaving a clean stone surface above upon which I placed the Seed Rose Crystal Skull. (This skull was cleansed in Kangen Water 9.5PH water. Then Placed in the centre of my Glass Flower of Life installation at my home which lies within the Ixion Wheel of Glastonbury. Here it Charged up initially. NO one else has touched this skull since its cleansing. It was shown to the Ancient Ones at Tar Aghen prior to being placed here.) Then I put a layer of Sand over the whole thing so that the skull no lies inside a layer of Silica. Another layer of compost into which I arranged the standing stones and also planted the Snowdrop Bulb. A final layer of sand was added.

In Some of the photo’s you will see Orbs of Light around the Installation. Make No Mistake this was not some smudge on my lens, The sequence of the shots show that on the next shot the light circle has gone. (See Amanda’s Comments on the album photo concerned.) ~ REX

Tar’Aghen: Among the Stones

 Revisiting the topic of Tar’Aghen (Ness of Brodgar)

Thoth: Tar’Aghen was an ancient name for this site…after the destruction of Atlantis. In the Atlantean time (way beneath the current structures) was the Temple of Manu. Tar’Aghen in a lost post-Atlantean-Celtic tongue, means to “brighten the way” or “shining beacon.” Manu is the “Enlightener” or in some aspects the same as the Hebrew “Messiah.”

The purpose of both Tar’Aghen and Manu was to mark a place of “Awakening” of a “Great Light of the Ages.” This is one of the places where in the future there will be projected a Radius Pyramid from the Thresholder Gateways.

Previous Articles on Tar’Aghen

Ness of Brodgar – Tar’Aghen / Cuthdee Light Group Works With Tar’Aghen Process

Below is Rex Harrison’s account of his journey to the Stones of Tar’ Aghen this month, during his time at the Olrig Estate in Scotland, where he is staying for a week and some days…installing there a “Seed” Crystal Skull on behalf of the Dweller ISIS Skull. Photo Credit: Rex Harrison


(click on first image to scroll through)


I arrived at Tar’ Aghen and parked the car. Wintry storms were just clearing but the sky was still wild with the North wind blowing onto this exposed peninsula. I set off up the path with the Staff (White Stag). As I approached the stones the staff began to hum in the wind I thought, like a tuning fork. Nearer still it became active in my hands like the urgency of energy being released. I was taken aback by this and gripped the staff tighter but it felt like elastic in my hands………..The staff led me to a place outside the circle of stones and we entered between 2 stones close together, like a gateway…

I stood there with the staff planted on the ground and introduced myself saying (some words not said aloud throughout) “I come in Peace” and “Here is White stag, he is eager to meet you all.”

I was led by the staff, back to the outside of the ring and from there on every stone I placed the staff against them as I chanted, Ar (Change), Thur (growth), Ummg (Direction, The scabbard of the sword))

AR THUR UMMMG, from one stone to another….I faltered at the Fallen Ones…and added the warrior chant..

Ja Te Gung, Ja Te Gung.

Do not ask which direction I followed anti clockwise or clockwise as the place is sort of upside down.. or rather a Mirror. !

A clock placed in front of a mirror will show a different direction in the mirror for say Anti clockwise than the one that is being reflected. At the Quantum point of reflection there is no direction for clockwise or anti clockwise. In the same way a photon of light that hits the surface of a mirror must, at some point in a nano second, Stop, and then move back from the surface. I did not know this before or had not thought about it….

I completed the circuit of the stones stopping for a while longer at the Tallest stone, on its own, then I took a path to the centre of the ring of stones. Here in a small grassy patch I took out the Heart Chakra crystal shell and held it in my fist against my heart as I turned around facing each stone in turn. I said some words, more about me, for the stones. Then I placed the Heart chakra shell onto the ground on a small stone left there for this purpose. Then I took out the Rose Crystal Skull that I had brought with me from the Ixion wheel in Glastonbury. I place it in my hand facing towards the stones. This Skull was very very cold in my hand a radiance of cold surrounded it penetrating through my already cold hands. Arm outstretched with skull on it, I turned again through 360 degrees,….then placed the skull next to the shell crystal on the stone….

I said these words, “These energies signify and represent a circuit of light that makes its way home to an Earthen Heart That has hurt for too long.” and silently….”I am the Lonely Dove”, “I Have come back”…..

I was beginning to suffer from the cold biting winds and so went back to the tall stone and said my farewells again touching the wood of the staff against the stones surface. I turned and started to walk back to the car as I did so I heard almost like a mumble from the ground……….. “Go in Peace” !!! I looked back but the staff wanted me to continue down to the car .

As I returned to the car another wintry shower of sleet and snow blew in from the ocean. Then after a short while the Sun Broke through the clouds in what can only be described as Heavenly.. Golden Light flooded the landscape and as I closed my eyes facing the sun through an open car window I felt its warmth on my face and saw the most magnificent display of Golden and Orange Matrixes expanding into infinity.

I returned to the Stone circle and took more photos as you can see there is a distinct before and after look to the photos. You may say just a chance climatic event but not for me….. The Shining Beacon That IS Tar’ Aghen showed itself to me for this short period of intense golden light.

Lady of Light

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Aqua Lemuria Lady of Light - photo by Maia Aqua Lemuria Lady of Light – photo by Maia

Yesterday I had a wonderful and enLIGHTening visit from my island SiStar, Amma Sophia Rose. Amma is one of the foremost Andara Keepers on this planet. She told me her story of the “Lady of Light” – a 163 pound Aqua Lemuria Andara which has been in her guardianship for some years now. Actually, I have been in the presence of this marvelous Andara when I visited Amma’s temple home on this island a few years ago. It is definitely inhabited by a powerful Light entity!

Maia & Amma with Crystal Skulls

Amma shared with me that many people immediately see a crystal skull inside it. When I was with this Lady of Light I do not recall seeing the skull, but when she began to share the story with me here in my home as we sat holding her…

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Dwellers & Andarians – A Match Made in Heaven

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small Andara Skull small Andara Skull

Thoth and SeRA’fana (soul of the White Queen Dweller) are prompting me share their message with you, concerning the relationship between the Dweller Beings and the Andarian Beings.

First some back story about the Andarians and Andara crystal-glass.

In the early 1990’s I was the original channel concerning the Andara and the beings whose frequency resides this unique crystal-glass. They gave me the name “Andara” and it became inserted into the global mind via many others on the internet through the years. You can read the whole story here (long, so you may wish to finish this article first).

Concerning the Andarians themselves, I wrote this article a few years ago…which is at crux of what I am about to share with you now.

The most important paragraph of the above article is (Thoth):

The Andarian beings have already begun to enter Earth’s domain once…

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The White Queen: Becoming the Dweller

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Maia and the The White Queen Maia and The White Queen

Now that the Host Crystal Skull (White Queen) is on Kaua’i and in her “nest” within my home, The Dweller she represents, whom I call Paloma – residing in Mount Wai’ale’ale – has truly imprinted within her. When I touched the skull at the Ceremony it felt wonderful, but now…now…the power is even stronger! The two (Dweller-Host) are truly one now.

So what is next with this super combo? I only have scents on the breeze, as I near the cauldron of Thoth’s labyrinth – and his Twin Flame, who is the soul imprint within the Dweller Skull “Paloma.” I am told to simply take it one step at a time.

I do know that the Dwellers are “coming out” to be seen and heard in the world now….mostly through their Dwellers, Seeds, and a new category Thoth has introduced to me: The “Walkers.”


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Kaua’i Ceremony with the White Queen

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Such a beautiful ceremony today with around 30 people attending. Lovely weather against a turquoise sea. We all felt privileged to welcome the Host to her home…to the embrace of the Dweller who has awaited her. Now the two are one.

What a marvelous journey She has taken with Star Walker Lynn-Celest’Ra MacCallum! Now she rests in the nest I have made for her in my home. There is so much more to come. For now, I simply share with you just a few of the photographs taken today.

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