Crestone, Colorado


1) The San Luis Valley of Colorado is the Crown Chakra of the Ascension Temple (of the planet). At this time, it has shifted into position to receive direct encoding from the “Mother Matrix” of the Golden Star of Mazuriel (the Pure Sun) within the Attasic Universe. That encoding is already beginning to move through the Crown Portals (there are several major ones and also some minor ones, throughout the Valley).

2) February 23rd, 2017 I returned to Crestone (having lived here previously from 1993-2000) to re-establish residence – bringing with me, the White Queen Crystal Skull Host and the other of the Hosting Skulls in my guardianship. I also brought the sacred tablets of Mount Sinai, held by the Hopi Tablet Keeper in Crestone in 1995. It is in Crestone that I have anchored the Templar Priory of the White Stone.

3) The Crest In The Stone, which is known as Challenger Peak, shelters the small town of Crestone. It is within this mountain that is to be found one of two “Retreats” of Thoth (the other beneath Lake Titicaca, Peru).

4) Also within Crest In The Stone is the Sacred AN, resting in its final Thresholding Chamber. The Manna Sari sphere created between the AN-Ark and the Other Realm is developing and transforming into a more active stage now. It has ignited “Coronas” upon the crystal skulls of the 72 Dwellers. In turn, so have the hosting skulls connected to those true Dweller Skulls received the Manna Sari Corona. What is being created here is a networking AN System or Merkabah.

4) In 2018 the core Order of the Johannine Templars (parent of the White Stone Priory & Ark of Ascension Priory) established its presence in Crestone as well. Out-reaching from this Order is the Sacred Academy of Geo-Energetics.


The woman speaking on this video is Hanna Strong, the founder in the 1960’s of the Manitou Foundation, bringing spiritual community to Crestone.


My special You Tube playlist  on The Sacred Valley. (my creations – on the sacred dynamics of the San Luis Valley, Sand Dunes and Crestone – as I have received it from the Thoth Akasha)

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