Crystal Spotlight

On this page are my personal recommendations for sacred tools that are crystal or crystal related. I endorse them as they contain especially high-Light frequencies and are “Thoth five star approved” lol.


Crystals from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan of Quantum Awakening

She only sells very select crystals and her channeled information on the is excellent – so are her very reasonable prices. (links to current crystals are to be found on the left side panel of the page – they sell fast!)


 SKULLIS is a good source for crystals skulls. If you wish to attune a small skull to become a Seed Crystal Skull THIS SECTION will show you some fine specimens at reasonable prices. I have two of these and they are very beautifully crafted (in China).
















Ashtara Ra’s Color Matrix Essences are truly Light-engendered formulas. She creates them in her home at Glastonbury, combining many crystals (and crystal skulls) to charge and align the Essences.

(click on first image to scroll through)

I have several of her Essences and the White Queen Soul (of the White Queen Dweller Skull) requested an Essence especially made for her, which is being created by Ashtara Ra.



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