HasfaraOr Scarab Matrix

Scarab from Egypt via Israel

Fredaricka sent me a large scarab from a shop in Israel. It is somewhat worn. My own intuition places it between 50 to 100 years old. This scarab is made from some really beautiful dark stone and has a smooth but powerful energy to it. I received from ThothHorRa that it is now a surrogate for what he is calling HasfaraOR – an ancient scarab of the same size, carved of emerald that lies in the Sky Lotus Pyriethum near Lake Moeris in Egypt. I knew “or” means “light” in Hebrew. When I sent this name to Fredaricka she told me that “hasfara” means “to count” in Hebrew – something I did not know.

The HasfaraOR is a touch stone or nexus for several different energy lines within the giant underground complex of the Sky Lotus of Lake Meoris in Egypt. It’s “surrogate” opens the scroll on some basic levels of the HasfaraOr which connects to very dynamic energies meant for purification and divine harmonics

I was guided by ThothHorRa to set up a small matrix in my home with the HasfaraOr Scarab as it’s central threshold. It is for the purpose of charging and clarify (cleansing, re-calibrating) items placed within the matrix. I am thus using this matrix to charge the jade necklaces and crystals I send out to others.

I placed the main matrix pattern in a copper pyramid with columnar crystal atop it. the small jade skull in front of the scarab is the Keeper of Records – the scarab representing the Repository of Records. The eight crystal skulls around the pyramid are the Katum EL’dars. They are facing outward to the “Horizon of Aton” – the Solar One of transforming Beauty and Light. It is their duty to “command the Day” – to bring the LIGHT into manifest form.

This configuration and attendant symbolism is duplicated in a more elaborate format within the Sky Lotus complex, still housed beneath  and near Lake Meoris in Egypt. Yet is it more than symbolic, for it holds in place an energy formula of the Star Seeds.

On one side of the main matrix pattern I placed a large piece of white “Kuan Yin” jade and amethyst, as the Guardian of the Heart Passage. On the other side I positioned the Sphinx as Guardian of the Ascension Gateway. The crystals surrounding the Sphinx I consider to be from among the most “sacred” I own (which is of course a relative statement as ALL is sacred). They include a crystal from Mount Kailash – the Wesak mountain in Tibet and a double-terminated crystal from Tibet.

This whole matrix is only a few feet away from my larger full crystalline matrix.

Slideshow of the HasfaraOr Matrix


Sky Lotus Pyriethum


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