4~Prima Matra-Andara Crystals

The Whole Story!

In the mid-1990’s I originally channeled the information on the Andara crystals (receiving that name for it). Part of my information on this crystal-glass has been circulated widely by others through the years.

The Andara Crystals found on Lady Nellie’s land in California Tehuti (Thoth) speaks of are actually in another dimension of reality. The properties of these crystals however, are present in some man-made glass that has been found on the current sacred land site. It is a highly unusual set of circumstances that brought this about, but when the man-made glass was buried as scrap on the land some time ago, the energy of the original crystals ‘bled through’ the dimensions of time-space and anchored into the man-made glass, which we are now calling Andara Crystal-Glass, versus Andara Crystal, which denotes the original other-dimensional parent matrix. So all that Tehuti imparts here in regards to the energy dynamics of the Andara Crystals also holds true, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree, for the Andara Crystal-Glass.

But first let us begin with the Prima Matra powder, which came into my hands first – followed a short time later by the Andara Crystal-Glass.

The following is the original information Simeon and I complied in 1995 on what Thoth (Tehuti) called “Prima Matra” powder, found on Lady Nellie’s land in California shortly before she discovered the Andara Crystal-Glas buried in the powder. We orginally published this information in my Temple Doors periodical.

* * * * *

The Divine Alchemy – Prima Matra & Etherium

According to Tehuti (Thoth) Prima Matra is the ‘First Matter’. Alchemy, while especially active in the Middle Ages, is a science that stems from the ‘First Born’ or Prima Matra of human kind on Earth, those souls of the Adamic Race who dwelt in what we have come to known through legend as the continent of Lemuria.

There are two main types of Alchemy:

1) The transmuting of base metals and lesser minerals to greater metals (mainly gold) and gem quality stones.

2) The transmuting of the bio-physical system into a rarified state that is in greater parity with the Spirit. This ‘bio-physical system̓ includes all levels of beingness that anchor to and supply the physical body, which according to Tehuti are the subtle vital, astral and etheric bodies.

The true Alchemist moves into the consciousness of the Greater Work of transmuting the human condition, while seeking to understand the transmutation of metals and minerals. Tehuti informs me however, that many an ‘Alchemist̓ has become stuck in the desire-nature of the elements, and then has not been able to move into the purer form that they were originally seeking.

From the publication (1980), THE BLUE STONE – HEALING SCIENCE OF HERMES TRISMESGISTUS ( by Maia Nartoomid):

“From the mystical phrases of Hermes alchemical codex, Uretha, the final phase of purification was revealed. ‘…Swift the journeys of night through brilliant robes of light, and rises vapors of the moon to encircle the fiery sun. Separate that which abides in stillness from the motions of the spheres. Refine the tumultuous sulfurous self to the pureness of primordial oneness. Stir within thee thy longing and transpose the transparent dawn of the elements to rest with thee. When the shadow cannot be cast upon the surface, the quality has risen in the ascension of transmutation, and thus is revealed to the eye the rarefied solvent.̓

“The rhythm of such a passage suggests the essence of an incantation rather than the awakening of a physical law, but the genre of alchemy is always mysterious in the final act. The original alchemical process was climaxed through a mental saturation of the elements, purifying the physical system and as an afterthought, creating the precious golden metal. Through the historical ages, alchemical gold is seen to be of a spiritual purity in unity and not existent in a temporal sense.

“However, the ancient alchemists of the lost world or the eras of civilization predating known history indeed created or rather revealed the pure substance of metal, producing gold. The gold they brought forth from the opaque congestion of impurity had been transformed to a greater degree than ordinary gold.

“The pressures and heat expended by the universe in the creating of this dazzling element were eliminated through transmutation. In place of the physical rending of matter and gases, through alchemy, the mind introduces a mist or vapor into the element which disintegrates the atomic structure. This is achieved without force through the blending of the mist or myritha with the nuclei of the atoms.

“Because the moon plays such an important role in transformation, Hermes saw it as a vital function rather than an object alone. Indeed, he saw most natural objects as functional. In the process of alchemy, he found he could affect various stages of purification in metals through timing the conjuncto with the stellar and lunar phases.

“He wrote of this, ‘I place my mind as a touch upon the surface of the metal and feel the motion therein. I join thought with the golden atoms and sense the proper moment in which to expand my mind and descend the thought into the very core of substance. When the time is matched with the attraction of the golden atoms to be released from the contagion, the vapor descends therein and passes from the element, and behold, there is risen the beauteous purity to the reality of the mind.̓

“By controlling the stages of purification, Hermes mastered something which had been lost from the world since the very beginnings of time. He brought forth the stages of graduation and purity so that the eye and mind could perceive the slow subtleties and the transformation rather than see it manifest instantly.

“This gave the alchemist insight into the reason behind the act. It revealed to him each delicate awakening of spirit within the matter, which is the natural occurrence in man as opposed to the instant salvation.

“Man was born (in the beginning on this planet) with a natural protection built into his genetic circuitry. This protection was slowly taken from him through eons of spiritual degeneration. No amount of physical abuse could tear down the blessing of genetic protection. This was removed by the starving of the spirit. Once removed, man was free to physically mutate his Godly system with their genetic experiments on the ‘Pure Born̓ which was the main act against nature here, but karmically the Adamic Race ‘fell from Grace̓, making them susceptible to such tampering.

And so Hermes and the majority of his peers saw genetics as sacred ground. Only through the spirit could the spiraled glory of the DNA be restored, meaning that only through acts which align to Spirit or Divine Principle, could the sacred vine of the DNA be regrown.

“Alchemical gold was representative of this spiritual restoration. By watching the physical process of transmutation, the ancients saw a hint of their own completion. Thus, they applied spiritually what they learned from physical alchemy.

“The ascension phase of transmutation was the final act of conjuncto, the last moment in which Heaven and Earth were mingled to produce the pure radiance of being.”

According to Tehuti, Prima Matra is the “distilled particles of aether or etheric purity of the soul, from which has been extracted all inclusions of gross coagulation (karmic infiltration into matter), and set before the Son of the Sun (the inner Light wisdom of the Divine Self) and the Daughter of the Moon (the reflection of that divinity in the soul, as a memory of the once-pure condition). In the ensuing Light of their embrace, so the Sun and Moon are wedded in conjuncto of Spirit and the Golden Child is born from the First Matter of their seed. It is this pure solvent that is isolated from chaos, held as a fine diamond powder before the eye of the soul. It gives brightly its color to the body, mind and soul, and to all manifestation forthwith, thereby creating a the alchemical ‘Crown of Stars̓ about the head of the Divine Mother. So this crown all may wear who accept the ‘Sacred Dew̓ (spirit essence produced in the body from the Prima Matra) into their being.”

It is important to understand that by simply ingesting Prima Matra one is not going to inherit the ‘Crown of Stars.’ The receiving of this sacred substance in the body MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ALIGNMENT OF TRUE SPIRITUAL INTENTION AND INTEGRITY at the deepest levels of one̓s seeking.

As of the fall of 1994 we have been aware of a substance called Orme that is being produced in laboratory by a man named David Hudson. Several individuals brought us the knowledge of Orme̓s existence. We were at first mildly curious as we are approached continually with information on many new ‘miracle̓ substances. Our usual approach is to hold reservation until the ‘miracle̓ substance returns to us enough times, and perhaps in a way that indicates to us it is something we definitely need to look into more deeply. If we did not approach the situation in this manner we would expend most of our time and energy chasing down all of the information regarding these new substances, and while that would be an interesting endeavor to say the least, it would not be productive to our true spiritual work at hand.

* * * * *

Prima Matra ‘Etherium’ Powder

During the summer of this year the ‘Orme̓ took this turn for us. At this point we had been hearing also about a naturally occurring substance being taken from a sacred ground in Northern California, part of an energetic complex called the ‘Shasta Matrix̓ by Tehuti. This substance is being called Etherium by its finders / disseminators. We had the opportunity finally in August to hold a small vial of the Etherium in our hands, and as Simeon is finely attuned to the cellular grid, he felt an enormous charge of Light enter that grid. His entire body was tingling and vibrating with Divine Fire! Maia also felt its effects in the higher etheric components of her energy field. At this point, a friend who had been bringing us the information regarding Etherium had been requesting that we go to Tehuti and get some information on this substance, and after our experience we readily agreed.

Up to this point we had mildly approached Tehuti a few times for some very basic information on the Orme, and he had indicated that it was an alchemical substance and was being produced in integrity at this time, but that there were many who saw it as a ‘magic pill̓ and therefore would most likely misuse it in one of many possible ways. Now we felt it necessary to pose some more in depth questions regarding the Etherium mainly, but also its difference from the Orme and the correct use of each. This information follows:


Simeon and Maia: Could you please comment on the difference between the manufactured Orme and the substance naturally occurring in Northern California being called Etherium?

Tehuti:The Shasta matrix (defined by Tehuti as a whole region in Northern California) Etherium is a gradient more etheric in nature than Orme. The manufactured type is viable, but transmits less of the “Grace factor” light codes into the body.

Simeon and Maia:Would there be another name for Orme more appropriate to its etheric register from the perspective of Chariot of the Sun?

Tehuti: Orme is from orma,or transfer of light from the Mother Principle (in alchemy). Also, ormes, which means light revealing itself. I, as the alchemist Thoth, Raismes of Aphra, called the Prima Matra “askasai,” which translates in essence to mean free spirit. The Shasta matrix gradient of askasai could also be called Ur-Met, which is ancient Egyptian for “dew of the mountain.”

Simeon and Maia: Are there any other naturally occurring deposits of the Etherium other than that in Northern California, discovered or undiscovered? If not, will there be in the future?

Tehuti: They exist and will be revealed in the future.

Simeon and Maia: Is there any potential of contamination by toxic chemicals in the manufactured Orme?

Tehuti:There is always this potential in any manufactured material, however there is high integrity on the part of the current manufacturers.

Simeon and Maia: Was there a specific plan by the hierarchical agencies to introduce the Orme / Etherium substances to the planet at this time to assist with the preparations for LP-40 (the ascension)?

Tehuti: This is so. It is brought forth under the Craft of the Brazen Serpent (The Craft Of The Brazen Serpent is an Illumined order on the inner planes which incorporates the wisdom and knowledge of the Master Alchemists of the Ages. Those within the Craft created the “Holy of Holies”, or spiritual centers within the most sacred Temples on the planet.)

Simeon and Maia: Could you give us specific information as to the way Orme / Etherium is working to realign the light codes and any other dynamics that it may be initiating / enhancing?

Tehuti: Each soul has their individual karmic-dharmic energies which they incorporate into the incarnational host body. Just as these energies are dramatically varied, so is the dosage for clearing and accelerating Light in these physical systems. Orme / Etherium sends a signal to the holistic soul-body system to become more self aware. It breaks down restrictive and repetitive patterns within the body-soul̓s current reality structure from within the walls of the cells. The walls of the cells contain what I, Thoth (Tehuti) call huberis. This is a sticky substance much like cholesterol, yet much more microscopic, and containing an anti-charge to the natural universal plus (+) charge of the electrical human system. It is from the build up of huberis that octum (Octum is the name Tehuti gives to the anti-force emitted from matter when it̓s purity has become violated) is allowed into the system. Each individual should be muscle-tested to find their dosage (we would recommend Michaelle Small Wrights book “M.A.P.” for an excellent method of testing oneself). In addition, they should test each day before taking a dosage. The huberis build up may change rapidly, perhaps every 24 hours, for it goes through a cycle of renewal. Muscle testing could therefore provide a barometer for when the individual̓s new growth was just beginning. If one could take the Orme / Etherium at the lowest ebb of the cycle (when the huberis had died and is just beginning to re-grow), this would create a strong ‘self-awareness̓ link into the consciousness of the cells to repel rapid re growth. Because of the disharmony on the planet, these cycles are not as unified among all people as they once were. However, the huberis tends to be in a stronger, more delineated process of cycles at the time of the new moon, causing more unity of these cycles among the masses. Taking Orme / Etherium during this period will intensify the process of light-to-matter transfer. For this reason (depending upon your personal rhythms) you may wish to take less Orme / Etherium during the new moon period. As has been stated, this cycle occurs every 24 hours in a reasonably healthy person, but in an ill or diseased body can be disrupted and the new growth often begins before the old is completed. Accurate muscle testing is paramount here.

The Orme / Etherium may be placed in a small bottle (vial) which is then set inside a slightly larger glass container, with approximately one inch of space between the bottle and the inside circumference of the outer glass container. The overall height of the outside container should be slightly higher than the vial containing the Orme / Etherium. In the space between the inner and outer containers should be packed a mixture of pure sea salt and blue green algae in a ratio of 3 parts sea salt to 1 part blue green algae. Make sure the packing is fairly tight and up to the top, but not over the little bottle containing the Orme / Etherium. Leave the Orme / Etherium within this packing for 24 to 48 hours. This process will create a stabilization of the alchemical substance. Packing in sea salt and blue green algae grounds it for better cellular integration. After this period use the Orme / Etherium in the usual manner. Use the sea salt / blue green algae mixture no more than three times before starting with a new mixture for the best results. The old mixture can be used in a warm bath for further revitalization of the system.

Simeon and Maia: Would Orme / Etherium be more effective for some physical conditions (illness~disease) than others, is this primarily an individual karmic scenario or both?

Tehuti: Orme / Etherium restores health in the way explained above. It allows cellular awareness of what self-healing needs to be accomplished, and which light codes are to be activated.

Simeon and Maia: Would you please comment on the appropriate average dosage (if such exists), frequency of application and tell tale signs of overdose.

Tehuti: Dosages can vary in the extreme. As mentioned previously muscle testing is a good means of determining individual dosage. 2 grams per day is the ceiling some people could reach in gradual increase through slow acceleration of dosage over many years before they would simply not be able to move past that point without experiencing cellular decay. Understand that even to reach this dosage, it would take perhaps 10 to 20 years of gradual dosage increase. It is not advisable. We simply wish to indicate that taking Orme / Etherium into the system can be gradually increased. Taking too much Orme / Etherium can cause an individual̓s soul to become desensitized to its karmic pathing, and therefor have difficulty in reincarnating. This would be a suppression of natural rhythms rather than simply no longer needing to reincarnate for spiritual evolution. Orme / Etherium contains Light codes for the Grace Factor, or freedom from karma, but because it must work within a time-limited envelope (ie our real-time physical systems), taking more than that time-limited envelope may tolerate in the moment will eventually create a collapse of the Light field, which can cause a karmic sensitivity loss that would be experienced by the individual as an inability to accept the full Grace factor, and, a lack of desire to accept their alternative karmic pathing. However, a very basic average dose would be to take one half of a 1/8 teaspoon measure and dilute this in one gallon of pure or Lithium water. It should not be taken undiluted under any circumstances without proper consultation.

Some symptoms of an overdose condition would be a decidedly bitter taste in the mouth, either on and off or continual, an unusual ringing in the ears almost like the sound of a stream of air, dizziness and vertigo, a feeling of disconnection from reality or deja-vu, lower than normal blood pressure, uncontrolled and / or unpleasant out of body experiences, changes in the spectral vision whereby one may perceive colors incorrectly, and periods of sublime euphoria leading to dangerous hallucinations. A progressed condition would be schizophrenia and its variations, including manifestation of multiple personalities as the soul tries to compartmentalize itself to prevent the total collapse of its Light field. A feeling like you have been caved in could be a collapse of one of the seven layers of your Light field. If you find yourself experiencing one or more of these symptoms it would be advisable to stop taking the Orme / Etherium for a period of up to 6 months to determine whether they are indicative of overdosage. If it is determined that the Orme / Etherium was the causative factor, I would advise that the individual not resume taking the substance for at least one year, and that when they do, that it be at greatly reduced dosage from the one that originally caused the problems. Use of the Lithium water will be helpful in reducing risk of overdose.

[2018 Note from Maia: We stopped using internally as we realized from what Thoth was telling us, there were more cons that pros in doing so, IF one did not get the individual dosage just right! Instead, we began wearing it in pendants and placing in healing baths.]

Simeon and Maia: Is there any particular mantram / technique an individual can use to more effectively activate and link into the Orme / Etherium matrix (other than their current inner work)?

Tehuti: Five or six deep breaths through the nose, centering breathing in solar plexus, while pressing sides of face next to each nostril with fingers. There is no specific mantram for taking Orme / Etherium.

After receiving the first of these transmissions we put the information in print for our friend, and it found its way via FAX from an unknown source to Carla, upon which we received a call from her. Carla was the individual who first received the information on the Etherium̓s presence upon the land when she held a ‘stone head̓. This looked similar to those on Easter Island, and had been found by the Choctaw woman Nellie upon the land. Carla indicated that the information we had been given from Tehuti correlated very closely with that which she had channeled some time ago, and was interested in getting Tehuti̓s perspective on some other aspects of the Etherium. We also received some information via e-mail that was indicating David Hudson̓s Orme was superior to the Etherium, which we felt wasn̓t quite correct. In addition we now knew there were several different colors of the Etherium available, and so we went back to Tehuti for additional information as follows:

Andara Crystal-Glass


Simeon and Maia: Information has come to us that the alchemical substance known as Orme manufactured by David Hudson is 100% iridium and rhodium. These elements are said to be the Light inductors of the alchemical powder. In this same information is stated that Etherium only contains 22/1000th percent iridium / rhodium. By this standard it has been deduced that Etherium is a far less powerful Light induction compound. Could you please comment on this?

Tehuti: In Sacred Alchemy ‘more̓ does not equate with ‘better.̓ Certainly Orme is a high quality Light inducing medium. It is especially potent in its action on the vital body. David Hudson and his dedication to giving the world this substance is to be commended. However, Etherium is a sacred gift to the planet. It was seeded in the Earth at the location in which it has been found in California, which we call the ‘Shasta Matrix.̓ Etherium is not of this world. It is from a future time along the helix of Earth̓s divine template. It has been integrated into the planet at this point in time for the purpose of building the new Light Body of the planet through the Earth itself and the living creatures upon it. Human beings may utilize Etherium directly to transmute their own Light bodies as well as all their etheric systems.

There is a ‘hidden element̓ in Etherium that cannot be detected chemically in your time frame. It is iropiya. This element does not yet exist in the physical, but can be activated in the etheric by the iridium and rhodium in the Etherium. Only very minute amounts of iridium and rhodium will create the necessary bonding with the iropiya. Too much of these minerals would override the hidden element.

Fewer people in the planet̓s current reality will be drawn to Etherium than to Orme. This will be due to the groupings of souls now preparing themselves for the Ascension. Many will need increased Light induction to the vital body. Others will wish to move more fully into the development of the etheric bodies. Understand that both Prima Matra grades (the Orme and the Etherium) are gifts to the planet from realms on High.

Different individuals will sense the ‘Light̓ present in each of these substances differently, some being more sensitive to the Light present in the vital system delivered by Orme, others more sensitive to the higher gradients of etheric Light delivered by the Etherium. There will be some who are sensitive to both types of Light equally and be able to discern clearly where each is present and working. Given the number of humans present on the planet at this time, there will be as many differing perceptions on just what type of Light is present, and where it is working in any given situation involving these sacred substances.

Simeon and Maia: What does the stone head found in the Etherium land area represent and who sculpted it?

Tehuti: It is a ‘watcher̓ or guardian stone left behind by the ‘Time Walkers̓ who seeded the land. They performed this service under the past-present-future Craft of the Brazen Serpent. (The stone head was removed from the land and efforts are now under way with Tehuti’s guidance to restore the guardian energy to the land.

Simeon and Maia: Approximately when in our linear time construct did this occur?

Tehuti: This took place around 200,000 years ago during the time of early colonization of Atlantis (not yet known as Atlantis) and the later phases of the Lemurian culture.

Simeon and Maia: There are seven colors of the Etherium thus far discovered (as of 1995) in the Shasta Matrix: Blue-White (which turns light tan after being exposed to sunlight), Gold-White, Red, Yellow (actually a greyish yellow sea bed deposit), Pink, Grey and Black. Could you give us information on the etheric / magnetic differences between these types of Etherium? ( We now know that there is also a green, but have no information from Tehuti on it currently)

Tehuti: The Blue-White is a fine-tuning Light translator. It adjusts subtle body flow so that the individual can more readily align the subtle bodies to Light induction within the cells. It is a strong communicator between the cells and the subtle bodies. This is crucial for full Light acceptance into the holistic system. The Mayan Star-Glyph for the Blue-White is KAN (pronounced ‘con̓). The traditional Mayan essence of this glyph is ‘support and sustenance̓ and the meaning in Aztec is the Lizard.

The Gold-White is very similar to the Blue-White with the exception that the Gold-White works more harmonically with the Crown Chakra whereas the Blue-White is more closely harmonically coupled with the Third Eye, Throat and to a lesser extent the Heart and Solar Plexus centers. The Blue-White is therefore somewhat more assimilable to the physical holistic system. Understand that these are very subtle differences however, which will be detectable only by the most sensitive of individuals The Mayan Star-Glyph for the Gold-White is also KAN.

The Grey Etherium is very similar to the Blue-White / Gold-White in its effects. Like the white varieties it can be used on a regular basis every day for Light grid maintenance. The Grey does contain a little more of a grounding focus, while the white powder is somewhat more etheric in nature. Again, the Mayan Star-Glyph is KAN.

The Red activates a Third Eye opening as it penetrates the primal mind where fear is engendered. As the primal mind sends signals to store fear in the cells, the human system becomes a slave to the ‘fear codes̓. When the Red Etherium permeates the primal mind with Light induction, the Third Eye is sensitized to out picture patterns needed for release of the fear codes in the cells of the body. Understand that the fear codes engender anger, timidity, control issues, confusion, feelings of unworthiness, sense of loss or not belonging, etc.. All negative human emotion is created through fear on some internal level. The Mayan Star-Glyph is CHICCHAN (pronounced ‘sheeshan̓). The traditional Mayan essence for this symbol is ‘wisdom and knowledge̓, the Aztec meaning is the Snake.

The Yellow-Grey Seabed builds the ‘Solar Boat̓ or merkabah. It is a substance of merkabic formation. That is, the Yellow-Grey Seabed Etherium contains the Light codes of ancient and future sacred merkabahs. Once these codes are entered into the individual human system they form a merkabah potential which contains the essence of ancient and future sacred, or Logii Merkabahs (the Divine Logos of Light Transport). The Mayan Star-Glyph is BEN (pronounced as it looks). The traditional Mayan essence of this symbol is ‘growing entities̓, the Aztec meaning is the Reed.

The Pink Etherium is excellent for the skin. It also resonates especially strong in the heart chakra and therefore will be particularly effective in clearing energetic blockages in the cells relating to issues concerning the giving and receiving of Love. It carries the vibration of the Divine Mother and therefore is nurturing to aspects of the self which have been denied. Pink Etherium works on the subtle-vital body, while the darker shade Red, is more aligned with the grosser vital activation / clearing of the biosystem. The Mayan Star-Glyph is IX (pronounced ‘eesh̓).The traditional Mayan essence of this symbol is ‘vibration̓, the Aztec meaning is the Jaguar.

The Black Etherium has the most powerful potency on the human consciousness. It creates the mirror-web of ‘Spider Woman̓ through which the human being must crack the mirror to see through the web. A paradox of karmic transmutation, the Black powder will cause its host to release all but the One Truth by seeing through the crack in the mirror of illusion. For some few, this Etherium will move them past the mirror entirely and into ‘no-time̓ where they may experience multi-dimensional existence. Because it effects the time components, Black Etherium can produce regeneration at the cellular level. However, as with all Etherium, the full potential of its powers will not be visited upon the host unless that individual fully accepts the process at all levels of consciousness. The Mayan Star-Glyph is ET̓ZNAB (pronounced ‘eesnab̓). The traditional Mayan essence of this symbol is ‘firestone̓, the Aztec meaning is the Knife.

Simeon and Maia: Please note that the traditional Mayan essence of the Star-Glyphs were given us by a Mayan Priest, Tze̓ec who has undergone the rites of passage in that tradition.

Tehuti: It is important to be aware that Etherium and Orme peal back illusion at very deep levels in the human experience. When such levels are revealed rapidly, a vacuum is created. If this vacuum is not filled instantly with integrity of purpose; that purpose being transmutation of all gross substance, it will be filled instead with even greater illusion. However, if the individual begins with minimal doses, they will be able to integrate their higher awareness into the Light field being created by the Etherium, as Light code sequences are slowly built into a cohesive containment pattern. Without the cohesive containment patterns, the Higher Self has no identifying grid through which to anchor into the Light codes and begin to transmute physical trauma. Physical trauma is in every human being, with the exception of some yogis. It is a product of the aforementioned ‘fear codes̓. There are exceptions to utilizing this ‘minimal dosage̓ procedure, but this should be determined on an individual basis by someone who is qualified to evaluate such cases.

Simeon and Maia: Could you please comment on the efficacy of mixing the different gradients of Etherium together to address a multiple focus? Mixing the Etherium together with Orme for the same purposes?

Tehuti: This would be a very individual scenario. It would be recommended that the different gradients (colors) of Etherium not be mixed directly together in the same solution, but be taken at intervals such as one in the morning and another at night. Another possible approach would be to take one type for a predetermined period of days, then the another for the same period etc. It would be advisable to monitor the physical acceptance of the energies very closely, either through muscle testing or another reliable intuitive technique. Following the same procedure using Etherium and Orme would be even more powerful, but there will be few individuals who will actually be ready to assimilate the effects of such a combination. A word of caution is paramount here, an individual who is shut down enough that they can not determine clearly what is occurring in their own etheric energy field will run the risk of damaging the auric field without being aware of what is occurring until it is perhaps too late. Do not over assess your ability to effectively handle these energies, this is an outstanding example of where ego could do some real damage to your spiritual evolution in a relatively short period of time.

Simeon and Maia: There are some other Etherium based products available upon the land also. One of which is an herbal plant that grows over the powders sinking its roots into the Etherium. The ‘root̓ was apparently responsible for healing two HIV patients, one of whom was diagnosed as having only 9 days left to live. He had been bedridden for 18 months and was hemorrhaging from multiple locations in his body. Less than 30 days later they showed up holding a bag of the ‘root̓, as healthy as they had ever been in their lives, their skin shining and beautiful where it had been gray, pale and withdrawn only weeks earlier. Nellie also has another preparation she called ‘Blue Water̓ which is prepared from another herb which grows on the land near the Etherium. The technique for making this preparation was taught her by a Choctaw medicine man as we understand it. The medicine man told her that it could be used topically, but never internally. The Blue Water has been shown to be useful for cancer and other conditions of the skin, and as eye and ear drops for maladies of those areas. We now went back to Tehuti once again for further information as follows:


Simeon and Maia:Can you give any further history on the Etherium?

Tehuti: The Etherium (referring to this specific source of the Prima Matra) is of a very high gradient. This and a very similar gradient in Africa come closest to the ‘dew-horn̓, which is a type of Prima Matra created from the horn of a living Unicorn in the form of a sticky dew. When the Unicorn transmutes its body (they do not leave their fleshy vessels behind), the ‘dew-horn̓ becomes a white powder inside the Unicorn horn, which is left (the whole horn) as a token of their spiritual tithing to the Earth. Although Unicorns seldom make themselves known on this dimension in the current age, their presence is still among those who would be receptive to their Light and Grace. They are Divine creatures possessing the capacity from the level of their souls, to create the physical manifestation of the Prima Matra of divine solvency, spirit become matter. In the most ancient days on this planet, the races before Adam contained this substance in their bodies. They too, took their elemental forms with them, but left behind the Prima Matra of their spiritual union with matter. The Prima Matra left behind by the First Races and the Unicorns are the alchemical seeds for the Prima Matra powders now on and within the Earth. The Etherium is among the purest of these, closest to that of the ‘dew-horn̓. The Unicorns always visit the seeded lands. The Earth from which the Etherium is taken is visited by these creatures, who continue to project light into their original ‘seed-bed̓ of dew-horn. The ‘Shasta Matrix̓ from which the Etherium is taken was seeded by 2,015 Unicorns ( a gathering called the Calthiuga) brought into viability by the Time Walkers 200,000 years ago. This projection is under the authority of the Craft of the Brazen Serpent. While all this may sound like a child̓s story book, it is important to understand that the images humans often have of such things as Unicorns, are not as they truly exist. Unicorns are divine Devic beings who take a form that is an energetic crucible for the Earth̓s elemental framework. There are many dimensions to the Earth, just as there are many dimensions to the cosmos. Yet the essence of unity among them is a fine golden thread that may easily slip through the eye of a needle.

There are other places within the Shasta Matrix where Etherium is located, but these sites will not be revealed until the appointed hour.

Simeon and Maia: an you give us any insight into the healing mechanism involved in the ‘root̓ that grows in the Etherium powder? (ie. the alchemical process which is taking place between the biological process and the mineral process). How does it work in the body as a tea?

Tehuti: The root acts as a catalyst to the powder. It is a vessel that ‘pre-digests̓ the powder allowing for a greater absorption into the physical holistic system aligning it to the direct current of blood flow and energy flow within the nervous system. This root is very connective to the glands, and thus the Etherium is more able to move directly into that streaming through the action of the root.

Simeon and Maia: ow does it differ from the action of the Etherium itself?

Tehuti: Only as we have stated; it provides a catalyst effect for the Etherium, a means to more fully integrate with the physical through the blood, neural and glandular flows. It is especially potent in facilitating the Etherium movement through the endocrine system, which contains the key to the Light encoding of the physical system. The endocrine system is an interfacing mechanism between the realms of superliminal Light and the manifest body. It is through the endocrines that the physical will move into the pure gem light body for the ascension.

Simeon and Maia: Please comment on the efficacy of Carla’s theory / intuition that there was a meteor that split in two some aeons ago that seeded both the land she is harvesting Etherium from, and an area somewhere in Africa. This area in Africa is purportedly (according to a geologist acquaintance of Carla̓s) the only other area on the planet known to contain mineralization similar in nature to the Etherium land in California.

Tehuti: As we have said previously, Africa contains a ‘sister’ powder to Etherium. In fact, it is a close enough gradient to be termed Etherium. What the geologist is interpreting as the remnants of a meteor is in actuality the powerful alchemical nova which took place simultaneously in both the Shasta Matrix of California, and in Africa which was a time seeding of these regions. In other words, it was not a true celestial meteor, but a shower of an inter-dimensional substance that created much heat and elemental transmutation upon ‘impact̓ into this reality time zone. This is much the same as the occurrence that charged the sand dunes of the San Luis Valley, although some different factors were involved. The sand from the dunes is not Prima Matra, but it does contain a certain similarity of charge. In fact bringing the Etherium in contact with the Great Sand Dunes sand for topical application would be a potent combination. We can give more detailed information on this if desired.

Simeon and Maia: The Native American woman Nellie has been taught a method of making ‘Blue Water̓ from an herb that grows on the Etherium land. The medicine man that taught her the technique instructed her that it is only to be used topically, not internally. Could you please comment on the medicine man̓s reason for this (ie. perhaps it contains some toxic substance).

Tehuti: The ‘Blue Water̓ is simply too potent for the internal processing of most people. The toxic release would be too great. The factors involved are quite complex dealing with time reversal of cellular modulation etc.. Topically, this is beneficial to reversing disease, but internally, it would prove too much for most human bio systems to process.

Simeon and Maia: Please comment on the healing action of the Blue Water, and any other additional ways that it might be utilized.

Tehuti: It can of course be applied directly to the area of disease, but in addition one may apply small drops of it onto the chakras while in a semi-meditative state. This process could be amplified by toning or soothing music. The Blue Water is especially sound sensitive. It̓s ‘consciousness̓ has the ability to detect tectonic movement in the Earth, thus it can harmonize a physical system to those movements (such tectonic action can be very harmful to the human dynamic if the individual is not properly aligned to the Earth, which most are not). The Blue Water placed twice a week or more on the chakras can help the body begin resonating in a frequency which is harmonic with the tectonic movement of the planet. It could also make that individual (through steady application of the Blue Water on the chakras) very sensitive to earthquakes, being able to detect them before they occur, but without any bad side effects as some sensitive individuals often manifest.

Simeon and Maia: Please comment on the herb that is used to make the Blue Water.

Tehuti: This herb intensifies the sensitivity of the bio system to all frequencies, but it also helps align the individual̓s sensitivity to a harmonious resonance with the planet. With the inclusion of the Etherium, the release of the time component is added as well as the divine resonance with all biological creation. The ‘release of the time component̓ within the Etherium is the break-down of event structure or sequential time, so that the flow of divine light through the system is not limited to karmic time flow. This creates ‘divine resonance with all biological creation̓ as well as ALL creation. In this discussion however, the bioenergetics are the strongest since the herb is the pathway to that biofield.

Simeon and Maia: Can you give some council on the proper dissemination of the Etherium?

Tehuti: Etherium-like powders (all from the Prima Matra matrix) were highly sought by the Niphilim when they came into physical embodiment in Assyria and Africa many thousands of years ago. The Niphilim who were practicing genetic manipulation among the Assyrians and Africans were seeking gold and Prima Matra powders. The two are most often found together. However, these gold / Prima Matra matrices were guardianed by the High Sidhe on the Faerie dimensions and the Solarian Shepherd race on the physical plane. This meant that there were confrontations between the embodied Niphilim and Solarians over these territories. In many but not all cases the Niphilim won. The Solarians had already been scattered on the planet from their own ‘Garden of Eden̓ fall. The Niphilim were now in control of the ‘Garden̓. They had tapped the light codes to the tree of life without the knowledge of Good and Evil. The Solarians had given up their power and allowed the Earth to become dominated by the ‘second garden̓, the one of the Niphilim and their serpent force. The Prima Matra powders were a source of the power and knowledge through which the Niphilim sought to make themselves ‘eternal̓, that is aligned to the infinity spiral of Metatron. Yet they sought access to this element in an inappropriate way. We will not continue here with this particular story any further. We give this first portion of it so that you may understand that in many ways, the Etherium, Orme and all Prima Matra powders are the apple of the garden, a fruit that is sought by both good and evil. This struggle for control is still a part of the human experience in its interaction with the Prima Matra.

As you release this substance to the mass consciousness, you will find that many will abuse this gift. There will gradually be elicited a ‘culling̓ effect, where those who are ready to become vessels for the essence of the Prima Matra will gather at the table, and those who would use it for their own grasping, self glorified purposes will fall away. Yet the first stages of release / dissemination are the most fragile. Due to these factors advertising should be worded carefully, as a mystery that can be interpreted by those whose higher selves is resonate with the Etherium and the divine continuum. Understand that this substance is very magical, and as with all true magic, it cannot be exposed for what it truly is to the mass consciousness. Instead it must reach the point of light within each initiate of spirit and call them forth from the deeps, just as Yeshua (Jesus) summoned Lazarus from the tomb of his. It is not so much a matter of what information is given forth here, but how it is presented. It must be accomplished so that it will appeal to only the true seekers. Certainly it will come into the hands of those who will wrongly use it, no matter how much precaution is taken, but this should not stop Carla from her sacred mission (which indeed this is). Nevertheless, the way she presents the substance is very important, for it will trigger key openings in the racial mind filtering down into the masses. If it is projected with the terminology and symbology that keys into the Higher Mind, this is as it should be. However, if it is given a presentation that tempts the lower mind of desire, then those who operate on this level of mentality will wish to acquire it for wrong purpose. Inserting this frequency into the lower mind of desire within the masses could create a goldmine financially, but will do more harm than good with the Etherium. Selectively inserting this ‘program̓ into the Higher Mind of the racial continuum will be less profitable, yet truly in alignment with Spirit, and to the purpose this substance was revealed to those who now guardian it.

By this time we have been taking the Etherium homeopathically for approximately 4 months, and have had some very profound experiences with it. To date we have tried the red and the blue-white, and expect to have tried the others by the time you are reading this. The first eight days that Simeon took the Etherium, he didn̓t feel all that much going on which seemed surprising after the enormous charge he felt in the cells while just holding the vial. On the ninth day he was intuitively guided to take an additional amount whereupon approximately one hour later “it was as though a nuclear explosion went off in my body, everything was hot and vibrating intensely”. That experience led to some accelerated processing about 24 hours later. We have learned that this affects everyone quite differently, such as Simeon is usually guided to take the Etherium through the new moon up close to the full moon, where he then stops taking it until sometime shortly after the full moon has passed. Maia conversely takes the Etherium through the full moon and up to the new moon whereby she generally feels she should stop taking it until shortly after the new moon has passed.

We have also experienced a marked increase in the intuitive faculties, with somewhat more vivid visual inner planes experiences. Another dynamic is that you gain insight into your inner being, this has a tendency to increase your perception of your own duality at times, which if you are holding any self judgments can be somewhat painful, however the upside is that if you can align the aspect of your lower self you now have a ‘bearing̓ on with the Higher Self, then evolution is accelerated appreciably towards the Path of Grace.

As Tehuti has indicated that it was the Time Walkers (High Mayans) that were originally overseeing the Etherium Prima Matra seeding, it came as no surprise when shortly after becoming involved with this matrix we first came upon the opportunity to facilitate (with several others in the Crestone area) bringing Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor and several other related books, into Crestone for a presentation. We had the opportunity to have dinner with Jose and his wife Llyodine, and we felt that the true purpose for their visit was to anchor the energy they had been accumulating on their 28 moon journey around the planet here in the ‘Crown Gate̓ of the Ascension Temple matrix. And next when we had the opportunity to meet and interact with a current day Mayan Priest by the name of Tze̓ec. We were able to be of assistance to him in his presentation here also, but more importantly have had some rather profound inner planes experiences with him, and validated by him that can̓t be published at this time. What we can share is that there is strong potential that Crest in the Stone Mystery School may be co participating in events in the future at times with Tze̓ec and traditional Mayan way.

Below Maia relates a profound vision that was given her in relation to the Etherium matrix and the High Mayan Time Walkers.

Stone Heads, Monoliths & the ‘Mayah-Pan̓ Tablet

Maia: On the morning of 11 / 26 / 95 I experienced the following dynamic, through which I received the information given by Tehuti on the ‘time locks̓, Time Walkers and Mayah-Pan of the Etherium lands:

I saw the monolithic Omphalos (the Omphalos are known in the Greek tradition as ‘navel stones̓ and are used in most of the Greek temples as a center anchoring point for the energetic of the temple) in all four time locks. I was given basic information as to what I was seeing. Then I saw each of these stones around me, myself in the center of them. A stone tablet or more aptly, table, with engraved symbols merged with my being. I was told that this was the ‘Mayah-Pan’, a time calendar left at the Choctaw land site by the ‘Time Walkers’ described as those Stellar Ones who seeded the land.

As I took in the vibration of the Mayah-Pan, I felt the Etherium in my body (which I had been consuming homeopathically) migrate in consciousness to the whorl of energy coming from the Omphalos as they connected through me to the Light mathematics of the Mayah-Pan. As this feeling intensified, I felt my forehead seem to expand energetically, and I saw myself assuming a ‘Dolphin brain’ in the front cranial region. I then experienced a sense of connectivness to all things. However, this expanded state was brief, and I ‘popped̓ back to this reality like a rubber band.

Tehuti on the Vision Given Above

The Time Keepers: A stone head like the one found on the Choctaw land in California within the Shasta Matrix, is located at each sacred ground where the Etherium has been seeded. These are actual guardians or ‘Time Keepers̓ of the energy field or web set into the site. The head is a tool to calibrate the web through time and space as various geophysical conditions change, so that the region within the web will remain stable enough to perpetuate the Etherium seeding. The stone heads should not be removed from the sites.

The Four Gate Locks: There are four synchronous ‘gate locks̓ or poles holding the balance of the ‘Etherium Temple̓ (defined as all sites on the planet that have been seeded with the Etherium grade Prima Matra).One is the Choctaw site, which we shall call ‘Elestra̓. Another is a location in Africa, the ‘Kumbah̓. Another, the ‘Twuela̓ is in Ireland, and the ‘Jombai̓ is to be found in India. These four sites form the anchor points or poles for the greater Etherium Temple called the ‘Matra Elisan̓. Understand that there are other sites with Etherium grade Prima Matra, and locations with lesser grades of the Prima Matra powders. The gate locks given above are the prime nodes for interface with the time gates through which these regions are controlled by the Time Walkers.

The Monolith Omphalos: In each of these four gate locks there is a specific large boulder, appearing for the most part to be natural, and yet these ‘boulders̓ are actually monoliths that hold the center vortex of the energy web in place. It is the navel stone, the Omphalos of the whole matrix of the site.

The MAYAH-PAN Time Calendar: This is a calendar or time table of stellar-time coordinates. As it transfers into the cellular level it reveals the window of acceleration through the time barrier of this reality into the supra-nova consciousness, or ‘Theta̓ of the El Race (from whom the Solarians descended). This stone table calendar is buried at the Elestra (Choctaw) site.

All those who interact with the Etherium powder will begin to experience interactions with the Matra-Elisan Temple grid. As they take the powder into their physical systems, so they will become aligned to these powerful energy webs that link together through the time locks, forming star portals of immortal freedom.

Additionally, Easter Island is the Main Time Portal on the Planet, and thus so is a central hub for the time locks and the entire Matra-Elisan Temple Matrix.

Since these transmissions we have been working on and off with Tehuti to assist Carla in her endeavors to bring this sacred Prima Matra substance to the Light bearers of this planet. There have been many transmissions of a personal nature which cannot be revealed in this text, but the following are noteworthy and can be shared at this time:

Simeon and Maia: How does the ‘Etherium Land’ (within what Tehuti calls the Shasta Matrix) fit into the history of Lemuria? Also, do the Native American Choctaw have racial roots in Lemuria?

Tehuti:The whole Shasta Matrix was once part of Lemuria (MU). After one of the larger cataclysms which broke the continent of Lemuria apart, the tectonic plate upon which a shelf of the continent of Lemuria was positioned, moved to connect with what is now North America. This ‘shelf̓ annexed from Lemuria we will refer to here as the ‘Shasta Matrix.’ At the time in which the Etherium Land was seeded in that matrix (approx. 200,000 years ago), Lemuria was already rendered unto small colonies of a once-great empire, and the Lemurian shelf was in place as the Shasta Matrix being attached to North America.

As to the Choctaws, they are a combination of both Lemurian and Atlantean genetic stock, but they do contain a greater percentage of Lemurian, both genetically and para-genetically (the latter meaning incarnationally through time). The Choctaws also possess a strong ‘k̓ factor, which is a genetic strain of the inner earth races which enables bridging capacities with specific star races. This bridging is effected through storing of inherent traits not compatible with genes not containing the ‘k̓’ factor.

Simeon and Maia: What star races are involved in the Choctaw genetics?

Tehuti:The constellations of Orion and the Pleiades, and there are some from the star Antares. All connections come from the components of these star systems which are imbued with the Metatron, or full-Light spectrum and remain unfallen.

At this time we have opened ourselves to being a distribution node for the Etherium and related products. We were actually reluctant at first as we have a full plate as it is, and didn̓t wish to become involved from a basis of monetary gain alone, nor to detract from our other focus̓. The opportunity kept presenting itself to us so we conferred with Tehuti on the efficacy of becoming involved in this way. He responded by indicating that anyone who involves themselves with this matrix, as it is an alchemical power unto its own, will of necessity open themselves to higher manifestations of alchemy within their sacred work, if they are aligned to that purpose. He counseled us that he felt we were indeed aligned to a high enough degree to enter the matrix, and that there would be a new level of planetary service effected for us if we chose to do so.

Maia in 2012: Some months later Nellie discovered the crystal-glass on her land wrapped in the Prima Matra “etherium” powder.

* * * * *


Gifts of Spirit continue to manifest from the sacred land Nellie Thompson owns in California. If you remember Nellie is the Choctaw Indian woman who first discovered the naturally occurring Prima Matra powders on the land she owns about 15 years ago (see Temple Doors issue 3/4-95). One day near the end of February Nellie was able to get up to her land during a window in the weather. That time of year it can be very difficult, if not impossible to access this sacred site. Snow and heavy weather can close roads and knock out bridges. There had been repeated bad storms for some time when the weather broke, and Nellie decided to take her chances and go out to the land (about 200 mile drive for her). When she got there she found the road going onto the land in passable condition. She had gone there to check on the land as she felt there were people stealing things from there, and to pick up some more of the precious powders etc. She happened across an area that she had passed many times before over the last 15 years, but now due to snow melt and rain the ground had become over laden with water, and the hillside had slid exposing a large area of the white Prima Matra powder, and within it she saw something sparkling in the elusive sunlight. She investigated the sparkling object and found first a huge crystal sphere which Tehuti calls the ‘Ancient of Days Omega’ crystal (more detailed information follows). Nellie then started looking around and started to find a substance that looks much like glass, but it was all about and naturally occurring. There were many pieces of differing colors, the most common being an emerald green, a lighter lime green, clear with various slight tints, and an amber-black. There are other variations on color, but these are the most common. Nellie managed to bring a considerable amount back with her, and called us right away for Tehuti’s input on the crystal / glass. She knew and felt that it was very sacred, and had some very powerful stories to share about her experiences with it in the very short time she had it.

When Nellie finished collecting that first batch of Andara crystal, she was driving back down the road on her land and snowslides started to come down the hillside. One small one hit the front of her truck, and then just as she passed this area a large one came down totally burying the road and barring access to anyone else until the snow melted.

We went to Tehuti after receiving some samples of this crystal / glass and his response follows.

Tehuti: ‘Andara’ is the name we have chosen to identify the Prima Matra crystals coming off of the California land owned by Nellie Thompson. These crystals (the original ones) are composed primarily of Prima Matra heated to very high temperatures. We have related to you in past transmissions that the ‘First Matter’ powders coming from this land were created by an interdimensional implosion. The land was originally seeded for Prima Matra by those we call the ‘Timewalkers’ in conjunction with High Devas mythologically depicted as Unicorns. When the implosion occurred, the ‘seed’ material was heated, not only to very high levels, but in a contained hyperfield, which is created by two or more dimensions touching. A hyperfield forms a ‘no-time’ zone, where linear laws of thermodynamics are warped or in some cases, do not apply at all. In was within such a hyperfield that the Prima Matra powders and the Andara crystals were created, as well as some of the other types of crystals on the land, such as the opals and diamonds. But in this transmission we wish to address specifically those crystals which we are calling ‘Andara’.

Approximately 2,000 years after the inter-dimensional implosion, a Lemurian temple complex was raised on this site, the name of which was ‘Andara’, meaning ‘Light of Beauty and Perfection’. The primary purpose of this complex was in working with the Prima Matra powders, crystals and water on the land. (One of the temples in this complex was dedicated to the ancient archetype known to the Egyptians as ‘Sekhmet’ and to the Assyrians as ‘Ishtar’). While Andara was originally a Lemurian colony, those who participated in the Andara complex became their own race. By this we mean that through their purposeful interaction with the Prima Matra they transmuted their crystalline DNA, becoming a highly futurized form of ‘hue-mon being’, even more developed in their Light matrix than the Lemurians of that age. Thus, at this point in our discourse, we will cease calling these colonists Lemurians and refer to them as Andareans.

Now we focus on the subject of the Andara crystals. They resemble a crystalline-glass lava. However, while certain similarities are present between lava-glass, such as obsidian, and these crystals, they are vastly different energetically. Natural lava glass could be seen only as a distant cousin energetically of the Andara crystals. Lava glass is created from volcanic activity deep in the Earth, coming to the surface in an eruption. Because they come to the surface of the Earth from deep inside high heat chambers, they do contain various levels of First Matter substance in them, but not enough to be called true Prima Matra. There are some exceptions, where the lava glass has come from pockets of pure Prima Matra inside the Earth. However, Andara crystals are even rarer than the Prima Matra lava crystals, in that they were formed inside a no-time hyperfield, creating within them a kinsothenitic continuum This is a continuum that allows a moving time field within the elemental and structural composition of the crystal formation. Understanding a kinsothenitic continuum would involve a complex dissertation in an area of science not known to you, thus we will touch on only the most basic understanding of it here. In essence, this ‘K’ continuum does not align to natural polarity, but instead phase matches directly with the universal Light matrix, or the ‘Golden Net of Athena’. Thus utilizing the Andara crystals, one may interact with Athena’s Net. This ‘Net’ moves matter beyond the time barriers. Access into Athena’s Net allows soul-matter units integration with future forms of Spirit-Matter.

Maia & Simeon: How do the Andara crystals differ from the Prima Matra on Nellie Thompson’s land?

Tehuti: In the inter-dimensional implosion, an initial crystal-source was used to create what the Time Shamans desired to manifest, which was a black hole from the 3rd into the 6th dimension. Instead they created an implosion that was catastrophic. This initial crystal-source we will call the Alpha Ancient of Days. In the implosion, it was absorbed into the kinsothenitic continuum. The ‘center’ (speaking of dynamics and not location) of the implosion is where the Andara Crystals were created and is where the Alpha Ancient of Days was absorbed into the greater kinsothenitic continuum through the hyperfield, creating the main monofield (no polarity) that flows throughout the planetary Prima Matra Temple. (All lands containing Prima Matra link together etherically through a main monofield containing lesser monofields within it. This is the Prima Matra or ‘Matra Elisan’ Temple.) Thus, the Andara crystals contain the most concentrated charge of the monofield, hyperfield and kinsothenitic continuum. In this respect, they are even more potent than the Prima Matra powders. In addition, they are also very resonant with the Alpha and Omega Ancient of Days, the Omega being the remains of the Alpha which fused with the Andara crystal formed in the event. This Omega is that sphere which Nellie found in the midst of the Andara crystal enclave.

The Alpha and Omega Ancient of Days (its original and present forms, respectively) contain a powerful interdimensional ‘black hole’. The Alpha version was in receipt of the black hole, but the Omega contains the latter day black hole frozen in your space time. The Andara crystals, while not containing black holes themselves, do resonate with the sentience of the Ancient of Days that had been absorbed into their hyperfield. Understand that there is a sentience within the Ancient of Days Omega crystal. This sentience is more ancient that your comprehension could possibly accept, other than to call it ‘eternal’. Like Merlin in his magic cave, this sentience has been frozen in your time space. The sentience in the Ancient of Days is an enlightened source of consciousness. It comes from the galaxy of Andromeda and was drawn into the hyperfield by the tremendous warping zone that occurred when the 3rd and 6th dimensions touched or more aptly collided. We need to qualify here, that only the outer fields of these two dimensions collided, not their true ‘nests’ or inner fields. Had the nests been penetrated, another fallen universe would have been created. By ‘another’ it is meant other than the one in which your world is now caught between.

While the Andara crystals do not contain black holes they do contain ‘blue needles’, which are small interdimensional vectors moving through time space, which tunnel into various continuums. This occurs as a result of the kinsothenitic continuum already in place within the Andara crystals. Blue needles can be found in lesser number within other types of crystals as well.

Maia & Simeon: How can 3rd dimensional human beings best interact with the Andara crystals for their personal transformation and to promote planetary transformation as well?

Tehuti: There are as many ways as there are creative thoughts, however we will give some potentials in this transmission.

1) Placing Andara crystals on the chakras. You may use various meditational programs in accompaniment, or simply free flow while in a meditative state.

2) Create crystal patterns with them, for structuring inter-dimensional ‘golden zones’ through which contact and synergy with higher dimensional Light beings can be achieved, as well as allowing your physical body to experience and merge with the golden zone frequency.

3) Using crystal patterns on land in which to grow food and herbs, in conjunction with Black Prima Matra powder sprinkled on the soil would promote plants with highly charged monotonic fields.

4) Fashion pyramids, spheres and rings (torus) from the Andara crystals to better qualify the energy flow.

5) Place the crystals within the circuitry of radionic devises.

6) Form geometric patterns of the Andara crystals in homes and temples.

7) Charge water with the crystals.

8) If the Andaras are spun or vibrated at a high rate of speed, their annoatomic powers will manifest. ‘Annoatomic’ is what we call the power within the atom to transform into a merkabah or vehicle of Light. (Note: Tehuti indicated this could be done both physically and etherically)

9) The Andara crystals are also heliocentric, meaning that they absorb and reflect physical light toward the center of their crystalline spirals. Without elaborating on the science of heliocentric refraction, we will say here that this causes the Andaras to be very healing to gaze into while holding them in natural sun light.

Maia & Simeon: Prima Matra can be heated to a temperature in which it turns into glass. It there a similarity between this Prima Matra glass and the Andara crystals?

Tehuti: There is. The laboratory Prima Matra glass contains some of the same properties of the Andara crystals in that it is Prima Matra heated to a crystalline composition, however the laboratory version is really more similar to the occasional occurrence of natural Prima Matra lava glass, as neither contain the effects of the inter-dimensional implosion. They are all powerful forms. On a scale of potency, the laboratory version is the lesser, the Andara the greater, with the natural Prima Matra lava-glass in between (we do not refer here to ‘regular’ lava glass).

We have been working a considerable amount with the Andara crystal with some powerful results. It is a very healing feeling to stare into them in the sunlight, you seem to become mesmerized by the light refraction. Also we have worked extensively with them in the sleep state, setting a small grid pattern around the bed and then choosing one we feel an affinity for to hold in our hand while asleep. Surprisingly, we always still have the crystal in our hand when we wake up. Generally when working with crystals this way we find them on the floor or under the covers when waking. We also have discovered that more than any other crystal or object we have worked with, the response from a conscious asking for something in terms of a consciousness adjustment in our physical / emotional / mental / spiritual bodies through the crystal is quick and profound.

In a later transmission Thoth / Tehuti discusses the actual man-made glass infused with the Andara…

Tehuti: “The creation and dumping of the man-made glass on Nellie’s land is not a separate event from the forming of the Andara Crystal. It is simply a later stage of its alchemical decay. The man-made glass is the manifestation of the 1st Millennium implosion and resultant glass formation as experienced through the fracture of time in which your 3rd dimensional selves are present. As such, you need not view the seeming separate events or different forms created in each, but try to find how they may synchronize. Identify the single energy within the point of substantiation which has developed into de-evolving or entropic alchemical stages of its First Matter consciousness, one of these stages being the man-made glass reality.

“While the entire unfolding of the creation of the man-made glass which was eventually buried in the Prima Matra powder was a result of the decay of the original reality form, the moment where it intercepted its ‘mother’ reality (1st Millennium Andara Crystals) was when it was buried on the land. As it touched the mother matrix, all became one.”

Midnight Fire Andara Crystal

Now, in 2012 we can see Andara crystals coming up all over the globe…in man-made glass, volcanic glass and meteorite…as Thoth had predicted it would. This marvelous piece which Thoth is calling the Midnight Fire Andara comes from Sulphur Springs, Wyoming as is probably of a volcanic nature. It was gifted to me by Tiffany Rose Tatum ( as of 2013 “Amma Sophia Rose”).

* * * * *

Mother Andara at Kauai Temple

DISCLAIMER: I personally would not at this time injest Prima Matra powder. It did not seem to harm me when I took it homeopathically years ago, but unless I had an official analysis of the heavy metals in it and I was confortable with the finding, I would rather use this marvelous substance in an external means. In baths, placing on chakras, wearing on pendants, melting it and blending with a metal for talisman healing purposes, etc.

I still have some of the Prima Matra powders and am currently (2012) considering how I might distrubute some of this remaining batch Lady Nellie originally gave to us.

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Prima Matra Powder and Gold Pendant

Here is a pendant Thoth designed through me years ago which was made by mixing the Black Prima Matra Etherium powder with the gold. In the center of the eye is a glass drop of the powder as well.

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