Where to Purchase Andaras & Powder

People write to me asking where they may obtain the Andara and Prima Matra powders. If you Google for Andara you will find tons of places selling what they claim to be Andaras, and some no doubt are – most are probably not. Understand that “Andaras” are crystal-GLASS. Many sellers of Andaras, real or not – do not wish you to know that. They think it detracts from their value. As far as I am concerned it only ADDS to the uniqueness of these Precious Ones. If you have read my story about the Andaras you will understand that the originally discovered Andaras were infused into “trash glass” found on Lady Nelle’s land in California. Since then, more Andara crystal-glass has emerged (this predicted by my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa) in different places on the Earth. Some of the glass infused by Andaras is now volcanic.

However, because it is technically “glass” it is easy for the unscrupulous to go to a land fill where trash glass has been dumped, collect it and break it into pieces and sell as Andaras. Unfortunately, even some claiming to be from Nellie’s land (she is now deceased) is not Andara.

I truly believe that Andaras ARE real – I have worked with Nellie’s and more recent Andaras from Indonesia, Wyoming and other places. I can hold an Andara and know immediately that it IS one – or even be close to it and feel the unique signature of it. At least this is my perceptional experience.

I no longer sell it. I have only my own pieces, so I have been recommending just one source that I feel confident is selling the true Andara  – obtained from various places on the planet – AND the Prima Matra powders which are truly rare. I have only  a very little of this powder left from what Lady Nellie originally gave to me.

This Andara source is a Dear SiStar of mine here on the island of Kauai – Amma Sophia Rose. Wherever she goes, she brings her Sacred Temple! An amazing and beautiful woman who draws the Andara to her. The photographs in the video I made below are of Andaras in Amma’s possession. I have quite a few which came from her as well.



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