ANDARA ~ The Living Presence

In this New Epoch we embarked upon after 2012, there is a rush of energy filling our lives on many levels. It is at times difficult to maintain our CORE frequency, which is the Heart Resonance of the I AM. Some of the most intriguing elements on the planet are the Andara crystal-glass. I first channelled information on this in the early 1990’s, giving it the name “Andara” which it is now being called all over the world. People write me as to how they may obtain the genuine Andara, since so much of it being sold through the internet now is fake.

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Thoth on The Andara Crystals & Beings

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THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): Greetings and ANU KA to all of you  !!!

Maia / Starheart has given you the story and some of the bigger picture around this topic…! Now I would like to address several specifics.

Firstly the Andara Crystals – in whatever matrix they may appear – the Andara are quite unique to earth at this time…they contain phi geometries different from any other crystalline substance. They actually contain INTERDIMENSIONALLY crystalline DNA holo-axial formations.

Holo-axial formations are…a holographic micro-moment of a DNA crystal…a picture if you will…a snapshot…but this “snapshot” is a hologram…and as such it is capable of transferring the living codes of that DNA crystal…into the Andara crystal…this does not mean the Andara is alive…but that it has a memory of the holo-axial “picture” in 3D…of a specific DNA crystal…! DNA crystals…they are not something you could hold in your hand even if you could see them (very small)…they are quantum force fields…crystalline in the geometries they create as they spin from one leap to another through time. As an example…here in SL when you teleport…often some of you wear fancy things they show lights and sparkles when you leave and when you enter another space…after your avatar is gone from a space…it still will show up for awhile as it is “particles”.

What I am speaking about is similar…when the DNA crystal spins OUT…it leaves behind – for a micro moment –  a trace pattern…of that spin…this is its crystalline geometry…it is not just a fancy effect however…it is a template…a command…to the DNA Helix…to respond in a specific way.

I won’t continue down this line at this time as we need to return to the Andara crystals…I tell you only for you to understand…that these holo-axial patterns are “trapped” inside Andara crystals…for a purpose…and that purpose is to enable human beings to be able to touch and awaken these trapped pictures…and thus activate them in their own DNA to some degree.

Now let us take some moments to enter a process with the Andara…Please if you will, ASK to see an Andara crystal…it may be something like in the photographs but it may be quite different. So now…please ask to see YOUR Andara. Empty your being of all concerns and feel the Presence of LOVE as wings of gentle dawn descend upon you…the Andara begins to form in your vision…let it be what it will be. Now….enter the crystal with your being…simply move into it. It becomes an atmosphere of LIVING LIGHT in kaleidoscopic beauty. Allow it to caress you and share with you its Light…as if you were floating underwater with a pod of dolphins. BATHE in the vibration it offers you. Now offer a moment of GRATITUDE. Bring yourself BACK to your world position  (it means where you are physically now).

The Andarian beings have already begun to enter Earth’s domain once again. They have a “city” established in a cavern…once occupied by Inner Earth Dwellers…It is indeed being populated by the actual Andara crystals…what you see of them on the surface are matrices into which their energy codes have been implanted…therefore THESE Andara  are so by “proxy” you might say…the ones the Andarians are creating in the cavern are the SOURCE crystals. As the Source Crystals build and mature…so the proxy Andara will gain power as well…and diversity.

You may ask questions now…or make any statements you wish…briefly please as the hour approaches in text.

Calliope Novaland: it was strong

Paige Fairweather: felt something

Shambala Kimono: i had my own experience yes

Chraeloos: Yes, I had an experience

Caryl Meredith: I may have seen them… and yes I am attracted to them..

Dru (drucilla.karu): I feel it will come later to me.. I connected but I guess it wil download so to speak

THOTH (thothhorra.khandr): ANU KA


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Return of the Andarians

In order to fully understand the article below, please read first Thoth on the Andara Crystals.

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crystalline energy forms created from the Andara matrix – art by Maia – crystal used in imaging from Crystal Jones

When I wrote the article mention above it was the mid-1990s, yet when I look back on the brief vision I had of the Andarians they very much resembled the Nav’i in the movie AVATAR, only they were very pale instead of blue. Yet the were feline-like in the face as their modified genetics came from the Sirian Ones who are of a feline-human mixture.

These MU (Lemurians) who transformed themselves into the Andarians as a race, were taken up into the streaming of Sirius. In September of 2010 after having had a crystal therapy session given to me by Crystal Jones here on Kaua’i, the Andarians began to commune with me.

They are telling me of their return…651 Andarians will return in total. They will abide in several cavern cities abandoned by the Inner Earth Dwellers.

Why are the Andarians returning? When they left this return was planned and it is occurring on schedule. They will be instigating further Sirian codes into the planet…through the Andara crystal-glasses and more directly, into the human DNA. This does not mean that other humans on this planet will turn into Andarians. These codes are not of that order. They are codes which have been “in keeping” for the human race of Earth since the First People of MU. They will act only as impulses to stir our DNA to “remember” and turn on the necessary codons for the next level of process in forming our Pure Gem bodies of the New Earth.

This process includes our deep connection to the Dolphins as I wrote about previously.

We tend to think of different species on the planet as very separate…felines, dolphins, humans, etc. They cannot cross-breed and their DNA is not the same so they are completely separate from us, with the exception of primates from whom the current belief is that human evolved from apes.

The truth of the matter (at least as I believe has been revealed to me) is that all life on this planet comes from the same matrix and is easily mutable through processes beyond the mixing of DNA. The energy of the matrix organizing the programs of the DNA and can change the parameters within it’s field, when cued to do so. We simply have not yet discovered the triggers for this…and it is intended that we do not until we can approach this science with a greater degree of integrity. Thus, the Hierarchy over-lighting this world has established certain boundaries that we cannot cross until the time is right to do so.

The Andarians are returning to help us reach that plateau…where we can work with the greater Matrix of Creation with awareness and dedication to spiritual integrity.

How will they do this? By re-designing certain crystalline sacred geometries in our planetary grid which in turn, re-design them in our DNA.

to be continued….

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