Pyramidis Radius FYI

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has stressed to me that a new Earth Grid is forming which is now the primary matrix for this planet’s “Ascension” (transformation / frequency shift) into the New Earth Star consciousness-realm. The working name for it is “Pyramidis Radius” but Thoth refers to it as La’Shan’Ka’Ra Lotus matrix. Because I feel this is so important, I have created this page to catalog all articles and blurbs I post on any of my blogs which have information on the Pyramidis Radius or it’s related components. I will keep updating here as more is posted.

Thoth’s Definition of Ascension

The La’Shan’Ka’Ra Lotus Matrix

Pyramidis Radius – Into The Rabbit Hole

Resonate Beings of Frequency

Pyramidis Radius 101 – video

The Rendlesham Code & Hy Brasil

Templa Mar Ascension Grid

Ascension Temple Golden Taya

Exploring the Electro-Magnetic Zones (included as the whole Ascension Dynamic and  matrix-grids systems operate through the electro-magnetic fields)

The Pymander (Elohim “computer” of ThothHorRa’s which works with the Pyramidis Radius – transferring energies into it.)

Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

Ness of Brodgar – Tar’aghen

More on the Bosnian Pyramids


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